Friday, December 31, 2010

Good Bye 2010 and Hello 2011!

How has your 2010 been for you?

Maybe yours have been great! Pumped with fat year end bonuses, shot to fame cause of some controversy, found a new partner, got married to a awesome man or lady, got a promotion, went on a long adventurous trip, fell in love, found meaning in love, found God, bought a new house at a good price (which I would like to congratulate you cause it must be a miracle or you are just so rich), and more and more...

Well, congratulations to you! And thank God it has been a great year for you!

Or maybe yours have been the opposite.

Well, I can only encourage you by telling you that you are not alone. Mine hasn't been exactly been a good one and I can't wait for 2011 to come. It has been stagnant not just in my filming projects, work or life and a highly strenuous relationship that ended in Oct.

But I am glad my life finally picked up in November. Looking back, there are many things that I can thank God and this year, I learnt a great lesson that is to love my life and start to accept myself who I am. There are times when we are confused or not knowing what we should be doing life. I call that the cross road in life. We start to doubt what is our purpose and what we are living for.

Been too bugged down by the rat race. Chasing after the bus, chasing the train, chasing the fashion, chasing after the queue, chasing after the latest gadget, chasing the money, chasing the stocks, chasing the report, chasing the project, chasing the children, chasing the time and after a while you start asking what am I chasing for?

I guess this season in my life is the WINTER.
The coldness and hardness that I have to wait it out. This past one year I had a troublesome year filled with anger, quarrels and dissatisfaction. But after that season is over, I felt like a diver having lost his oxygen tank, desperately gasping for air and struggling to survive, swimming frantically upwards, thinking whether you would even survive and finally... you take your first breath of air like a fresh new birth of life.

I could say I am slowing coming out of the winter season. I am believing 2011 to be a great year! Cause I am really gonna focus on my priorities.

I am really thankful for all the things God has done for my life.

My great family who has been always so supportive of me.
My great friends who rallied around me when I was really upset
My great colleagues who have been a great team to work with.
My stable career that has sustained me and building.
My filming passion is still going on though not as strong as before but I still enjoy. 
My new blogging hobby that has allowed me to made new friends and opportunities
My new camera! hehe
My stable 2010. I would say though it was calm, its definitely better than stormy.

Well! its 2011! A brand new year! New opportunities, new people, new life, new experience, new in everything!

Any mistakes you have made in 2010 is over now, time to look forward and make new. That's exactly why I name my blog, we can always be thankful that we can start over and have a new beginning!

I wish everyone



                                                                      Me and bestie Jorlyn!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rising sta...(coughing)!

Two days ago, when I was having my dinner in the living room, and had the luxury of feasting and watching television, think it was Channel 8 or U, I cant remember. Having my delicious potato soup and slurping it heartily, when an advertisement came to the screen. For the first 5 seconds of the advertisement, I was trying to make out what its about. It has a backdrop of what seems like a dance studio and the main lead came up... Singing "Woohoo, woohoo" and waving his armpit in its full glory of hair. I practically spurt out my soup and was choked. You will see why.

Warning: You might be traumatized by the great talented singing.

Wow!!! I never knew he could "sing" like this, maybe that's because I never even knew he could sing.

I dont really know much about him except probably what most would know, he stripped his clothes in an audition, his spat with Xiaxue, his talent company, he introduces eyebrows trimming on the roads of Orchard. I was quite "amazed" by this guy, and visited his blog for the first time. I was greeted with "Welcome to the world's Most handsome Guy" and Over 1 Million total hits! Wah!!! I am really "impressed"!

I think I can applaud him for his courage to live his life to the fullest. Though I did not enjoy any minute of the excruciating pain of watching the video. I think he make waves for himself in the most alarming and interesting way.

I wish to put up his second video, but my brain doesn't allow. So that's it. you may view it at this link.... if you dare..

Its his slow song number, ironically, its called. " 让我心好好痛一篇". Actually the tittle is quite nice. But if it was sung by the Raymond Lam, I would have savour every minute.

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Grand Opening of Overtime @ Dempsey Hill

As time slowly creep into the night, 2 OLs are still working on a project due the following day. 
" My gosh! Time past so quickly, its nine already!" Cassie shouted across her work desk to her colleague, Samantha, who was struggling to finish her work as well.

"I can't think anymore! Damn it! I really need to relax man! I really need some Overtime!" Samantha exclaimed back.

That's right! You heard it right! We definitely need some overtime at Overtime!


I had the privilege of attending the Grand Opening of Overtime @ Dempsey Hill. Thanks to Alvin who asked me to come along!

If you are like Cassie and Samantha, working hard but still loves to play hard or just wanting a place to relax and chill out with great music and drinks. Check out Overtime!

Overtime has already created huge waves in Malaysia, and now launching their 2 new outlets at Dempsey Hill and Holland Village.

The Grand opening at Dempsey Hill outlet was an unforgettable night with fun entertainment, free flow of drinks and buffet food. And the highlight of the event today is the celebrity who was invited to graced the launch.... and tada!! it's Taiwanese highly sought after and top model, LIN CHI LING. The event was also attended by well known faces from media and entertainment industries. The emcee was non other than our local up and rising Pamelyn Chee.

With "live" performance of familiar tunes by local independent band, 3 sessions and not to forget enjoying a free flow of the award- winning Starker Fresh Beer, you are sure to have kick from the night.

Lin Chiling and Alan Loh, Head of Entertainment and Marketign of OverTime Headquaters served the very first pint of the Starker Fresh Beer in the traditional German way - by hammering a tab into the barrel.

I had an awesome, meeting with other bloggers, Cherie, Mint Leong (whom so coincidentally I happen to read her blog for the very first time, that very day), Yin Zi, Yong Wei and many more!

(in courtesy of Vibe Communications.)

Don't ask me why I am wearing so slack. I didn't know I would be going to the event. And worse thing, I didn't bring my newly bought S95. I would have gladly taken thousands of photos.

There are many pubs around Dempsey but what brings the customers back for more is the not just the name, facade of the architectural design or the drinks, its also the staff who are smiley and friendly! Cherie's called for her orange for quite some time but the orders at the bar was overwhelming, but when reminded they responded with great attitude and even joke with us but of course after bringing the drinks la! And what I like about the staff, is that they have a personal touch by chatting with you and despite handling many orders.

This place is totally as what it aims to do : to bring a whole new meaning to "After Hours" enjoyment.

haha the privilege of  being petite, I get to stand in front. Actually, I wanted to be next to Lin Chiling, but the 2 ladies at the side was squashing and covering me at full length. So I was pushed to stand in front. Okay, I have no idea who they are but they fans of Lin Chi Ling and the rest of us bloggers get to stand up close and personal. Yeah!!!

One of the key highlights that you must try at this place its the Staker Beer
Overtime is one of the very few entertainment outlets in Singapore to offer Starker Beer, the double Gold Medal Winner in Asia Beer Awards 2010 under the "Wheat beer" and "Pilsner" categories. Derived from a German word that means a strong, unrivaled taste of truly fresh beer that many beer connoisseurs have missed for generations.

Besides serving sumptuous food, Overtime also offers a wide range of cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks, concocted by the restaurant's very own mixologists.

By combining an inviting atmosphere, good beer, menu variety, parking convenience and not forgetting a clad of friendly waiters who reach out to one's every need, Overtime is a perfect place to wind down and pump one's spirits after work.

And in respond to the festive season of Christmas and New Years, Overtime is having a special promotion!

Overtime @ Dempsey Hill 
Blk 18, 18 E, Dempsey Road Singapore 249677

Overtime @ Holland Village
25 Lorong Mambong Singapore 277684

Do check it out!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tiger Crystal presents: The 3 LARGEST Countdown Party!

Sponsored  Advertorial

Every year, me and friends have problems deciding where to hang out during New Year's Eve. Orchard? Vivo? At home? Malaysia? Been there, done that..

But this year, Oooo.. I am already getting excited....  I will be counting down at 3 of the biggest New Year's Eve parties in town! Hopping onto the Ultimate NYE Tiger Bus and getting to experience all 3 parties (The Float@Marina Bay, Clarke Quay and of cos not forgetting Marina Barrage) in one night!

Expect the best music, entertainment and merrymaking as we usher in the New Year with Tiger  Crystal against the stunning backdrop of the Singapore skyline at the 3 fantastic places.                                          
Check out the highlights!

Photo from internet source. 

The Float@Marina Bay
-       An experiential area displaying the new Tiger Crystal bottle
-       Six Tiger Beer bars at the venue, where revelers will get to sample the newly launched brew
-       Refresh with Tiger Crystal wipes handed out by Tiger Crystal ambassadors
-       From 20 – 26 December, four tickets to this event will be given out to the first ten Tiger Season Ticket holders who purchase a bucket of Tiger Crystal from Clarke Quay, and present their receipt together with their Tiger Season Ticket pass at the Tiger Crystal Dome in Clarke Quay.

Clarke Quay
-       A specially constructed Tiger Crystal Dome at the Read Bridge will serve as the focal point for celebrations.
-       Visitors to the Tiger Crystal Dome can get panoramic photographs taken of themselves with a customised “Crystal Lens” effect.
-       Submit a photo with a Tiger Crystal in hand stand a chance of winning one of ten Canon DSLR Camera worth over $1,300 each
-       The first 12 spotted enjoying a Tiger Crystal at Clarke Quay will each win a Tiger Crystal hamper worth $288

Marina Barrage
-       Toast the New Year with Tiger Crystal at one of the more unique venues in town.
With all the fun and excitement with other attractive prizes to be won, what are you waiting for?! 

Log on to either or to Tiger Beer Singapore's facebook page - to find out how you can win tickets.

Hope to see you there!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Revamped for 2011!

I have finally finished revamping! Took me hours and I am still not done. I still have a few advertorial post I needed to post. Sigh, wonder where I can find time? Doesn't matter cause its CHRISTMAS in a 23 hrs and 4 mins time! Can't wait to go for service and exchange of gifts. I love shopping for gifts and buying presents for people I love. Okay, I wasnt able to buy for everyone as I have been really busy with work, and I think I have swiped alot during this Xmas season. I had just paid a $1000 over dollars credit card bills. Damn! I really need to control! okay it is the new addition to my new years resolution!

Merry Christmas to ALL!!!!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Revamping in process

Okay, please bear with this slip shod design. I was just exploring design template and I didnt save my old template. So I can only redesign it. Shit man.. So hopefully by new year. it would be a better one! 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Busy Week of EATING!!

This week had been a craze of feasting!! Its eating and eating and eating!!! After having suffered from abstaining good food weeks ago, even the extraction of my wisdom tooth did not deter me from feasting. I love EATING!! I declare that I live to eat. As a wise man once said, "几时年"  Eat, I say!

With Crispy Chicken Balls! Steam Chawanmushi with Shiitake mushrooms ginkonuts & unagi, seafood cakes.. Yummy!!!! And into my stomach the battered prawns with wasabi mayo, honey baked cod fillet with saffron mango sauce; salsa and more......

Or the decor of the Hansel and Gretel's candy house....

And not to forget, the following day, someone send a huge box with a huge Christmas turkey to our office and everyone practically just pounce on it cause its just so damn delicious!!!!!!

Saturday, BBQ with chicken wings, curry, fried noodles and so forth... Sunday Wedding dinner... My GOSH!! I was practically gorging on food!!

Oh Man, next week and the the following week as well... I really got to work out!

Friday, December 3, 2010

I love you chocolates!

That day, someone sent a package to our company, and we were quite intrigued by the size of the package. as we opened it..... O my gosh, this is the first time I ever seen such beautiful packaging to present chocolates.... (okay I wasn't there, I on half day leave or what I cant remember) But when I came back to work...

Photos taken by dear Moreen

It was so beautiful and delicious that when I ate the mint chocolate, it totally melt in my mouth.. and the taste was heavenly. You start to feel that you are in the clouds... okay over exaggeration. But I was so into it the chocolate, that I said I would marry the guy that gave me this. yes, i am so easily won over.. then I continued. so that he can hide the ring in one of the chocolate. and I can eat the chocolate day by day and finally find the ring...  WAHAHAHA!!!! and I can have 21 days to eat from.. *Wink*

Choco is from Ritz Carlton.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Disclaimer: story adapted from Snow White and seven dwarfs (as there are many versions, I chose one that is familar to me during my childhood.)

Waking up, I strolled clumsily into my bathroom, still in my slumber, my mind refusing to wake up. My everyday routine is to look into the mirror before reaching for my toothbrush. "Hiaks!! what's with my tangled hair, the droppy eyes with visible dark rings evident of a late night sleep, the pimple that popped out of nowhere on my nose!" 

After washing my face and putting on make up, extreme effort to conceal the flaws of my face and dressing up to the best  I know how, I looked into the mirror again. The mirror that speaks only but the truth. I asked excitedly, ready to rush out,

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall, how do I look today?" 

The mirror replied plainly, " like shit." 

Well, that's what the mirror does, it tells the truth. But the thing about the mirror on the wall, is that it may speak the truth, but its what you believe it says and how you react to the truth that was whispered into your ear. Most people take it the negative way and actually have an invisible zooming lens that highlights the flaws you see in it. 

"Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the skinniest of them all"  

This is one question that many female teenagers or even young women nowadays ask the mirror. We are unable to compare with the whole kingdom like the stepmother in the fairytale. But we compare with the kingdom of what we call - the society. The society that the media creates for us believe in what it wants you to believe. 

The pictures below are of German photographer Ivonne Thein and part of the exhibition “32 kilos” of the Goethe Institute in Washington. 
I found it on a blog named: Artsytime

What do you see in your mirror?

Watch out what the gimmicks of many slimming centre says to you. Intentionally asking the artiste who is already skinny to endorse that the product it uses works.  Or to ask her to parade in public and allow paparazzis to snap photos that she has suddenly gain lots of fats but after entering into the slimming centre she lost of lots of weight and officiate her as the ambassodor for the slimming centre. Okay, maybe it works. But I ever saw one artiste that endorses for a slimming centre, but she did not look at all like the photo shown on the newspaper ad. 
When I was younger, I didnt have to ask this question. But once you hit a certain age, you realise your strong army called Metalbolism starts to slack as well. You start asking the mirror THE questio. 

I am thankful that I am generally a slim girl. And blessed by the fact that I don't get fat easily though I at some point I did gain bit of fats on my face and tummy. And I realise it happens when you are in a relationship. But after long weeks of fighting the gastric flu, I dropped my weight. But I love to eat thats for sure, and wont give up for the fear of gaining weight. But I would watch my diet. We all want to be healthy right.

I have many friends that say to me how they envy my slimness and that I can eat all I want and not get fat. Or they like my pixie face that is so slim. I would just smile humbly. But what they dont know is that I,too, secretly envy them for their height, and how I wish I have that flawless skin, oh man how did she have nice butt, shit I wish I can work out like her, why is she so smart, he luscious hair and on and on and on....

The thing is humans are never satisfied. We look at ourselves in mirror and tell ourselves what we want to see in the reflection. And the reflections in the eyes of others. But one thing I know for sure, the reflection I see in God's eyes is always beautiful.  

Once again I ask the mirror,

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall, how do I look today? "

It replied, " Fantastic!"