Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Voyage de la Vie (Must See!)

This is not to be missed!!!!! I love the show, it’s really awesome! Totally mystical and magical. You cannot predict what’s gonna happen next. My heart was thumping the whole time and excited for what is going to happen. Hehe, managed to get a complimenary tix. And I started to admire Jonathan Leong!! haha we are probably distant relative, we both have the same surname. He is really talented. I knew he won second for Singapore Idol 2008, and thought he was good but not this good when I watched the show. He is totally phenomenal.

The next cast that captured my attention. You noticed this young blonde boy who could contour his body like he has no bones to start with? He is Alexey Goloborodko from Russia. He is one of the finalists of a TV contest “Minute of Glory. Catch his performance below...

And the next character I love is .....
Viktor Kee from Ukraine

Another talented acrobat, I thought he could double up as a model.

He looks like my dance instructor from Oschool, Ryan. The distinct jawline and piercing eyes is really similar.
Both devoted to their passion and are in the arts.
Well, Victor Kee is also an internationally acclaimed juggler and circus artist.
Credits: Pictures of Victor Kee is taken from his website.

Be sure to catch this unforgettable show!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Getting really irritated by some people. Nope, not you baby. Not about relationship. Just about some random people. Really getting on nerves. Cos I feel its unfair. Well, some might say, nothing is fair in this world. Well, just trying to think what would Jesus have handled the situation, or how would God wanted to me handle it. Okay, that makes me feel better. Learning to be more zen, generous and calm. Well sometimes, people just take advantage of it,  need to learn to cope with it.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Make you feel my love

I fell in love with this song... When I heard it for the first time, I actually teared. The original singer is Adele but I felt Kris Allen brought a soft touch to it and maybe it felt even more when its a male singer.


When the rain is blowing in your face,
and the whole world is on your case,
I could offer you a warm embrace
to make you feel my love.

When the evening shadows and the stars appear,
and there is no one there to dry your tears,
I could hold you for a million years
to make you feel my love.

I know you haven't made your mind up yet,
but I would never do you wrong.
I've known it from the moment that we met,
no doubt in my mind where you belong.

I'd go hungry; I'd go black and blue,
I'd go crawling down the avenue.
No, there's nothing that I wouldn't do
to make you feel my love.

The storms are raging on the rolling sea
and on the highway of regret.
Though winds of change are throwing wild and free,
you ain't seen nothing like me yet.

I could make you happy, make your dreams come true.
Nothing that I wouldn't do.
Go to the ends of the Earth for you,
to make you feel my love

Adele's version is beautiful as well, a different feel to it. I love both version.

This song reminds me of a story I once read online posted by someone who have read this story from an email that was circulated on the web.  Regardless of the truth of the story, it hold a very meaningful message for all.

The girl in the picture is Katie Kirkpatrick, she is 21.  Next to her, her fianc√©, Nick, 23. The picture was taken shortly before their wedding ceremony, held on January 11, 2005 in the US.
Katie has terminal cancer and spends hours a day receiving medication. In the picture, Nick is waiting for her on one of the many sessions of chemo to end.
Happy Marriage?
In spite of all the pain, organ failures, and morphine shots, Katie is going along with her wedding and took care of every detail. The dress had to be adjusted a few times due to her constant weight loss.
Finally Together
An unusual accessory at the party was the oxygen tube that Katie used throughout the ceremony and reception as well. The other couple in the picture are Nick’s parents. Excited to see her son marrying his high school sweetheart.
Katie, in her wheelchair with the oxygen tube ,  listening to a song from her husband and friends.
Trying to go on...
At the reception, Katie had to take a few rests. The pain restricts her to stand up for long periods.
Katie died five days after her wedding day. Watching a woman so ill and weak getting married and with a smile on her face makes us think…..
Happiness is reachable, no matter how long it lasts. We should stop making our lives complicated.
A little love for thought…
Life is short
Break the rules
Forgive quickly
Kiss passionately, Love truly
Laugh constantly
And never stop smiling
No matter how strange life is
Life is not always the party we expected to be
But as long as we are here, we should smile and be grateful.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A BIG change

Have you ever at one point of life, wanting to change everything you have. Your looks, status, finance, relationship, family, friends, yourself, well basically everything. Yupz I believe we all have been through that phase. So we have people going to plastic surgery, changing boyfriends, leaving homes, going overseas in hope to find new light to face your current situation, renovating house, buying new trend of clothes to look different, cutting hair. Well, the truth is every day, every minute, every second, something is in the change. Someone once said before, the only constant thing in life is change. even your looks is in the change, just that its getting older. Well, the truth is situation is not gonna change, except your perspective about things, cause thats the only thing in your control. We cant change the air, the people we detest or love, the friends, family and it goes a long list. we can only be very sure, we can change ourselves to be better. Well, I assume we are all going towards the better, I supppose? Anyway, I am having a huge plan to change myself. Nope not anything fake, but beginning the regime of things. Hope I can do it. wait, I meant I know I can do it! Going for the new me!!! Thats time but at least I am starting!

First thing first: Excercise! Well I know I always say that, in fact many people say but didnt do. So only the ones that prevail against the devil named Laziness and Procrastination, have their hard bods and firm butts does indeed look better and healthier. I want to be that! It takes 21 days for a new habit to be established and 90 days to be deeply engrained in the subconscious. So now to start planning and implementing it!