Monday, March 28, 2011


Majesty (Here I Am)

Here I am humbled by your Majesty

Covered by your grace so free

Here I am, knowing I'm a sinful man

Covered by the blood of the Lamb

Now I've found the greatest love of all is mine

Since you laid down your life

The greatest sacrifice

Majesty, Majesty

Your grace has found me just as I am

Empty handed, but alive in your hands

Majesty, Majesty

Forever I am changed by your love

In the presence of your Majesty

Here I am humbled by the love that you give

Forgiven so that I can forgive

Here I stand, knowing that I'm your desire

Sanctified by glory and fire

Now I've found the greatest love of all is mine

Since you laid down your life

The greatest sacrifice

(original: Delirious?")

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random thoughts for the day

Hmmm... realise I haven't been blogging much this month. Guess, I have been really busy with work and my social life.

I went for a casting last week, and I didn't realize I could cry on spot! I guess that day I was in a better mood to act.

I think only when I am doing filming, it makes me alive and truly happy. I seriously wish I can act in a good independent film one day. Currently, I am only able to do commercial ads and prints, cause of my work. I love my job too, don't mistaken. Just that there is always a primary and a secondary. And acting is definitely my primary.

That doesnt mean that I am a good actress in my daily life. I learnt to act on screen and stage, but once I am off the filming or scene, I am myself. its hard because sometimes you are so engaged in the role, but its a good practice to differentiate.

Talking about this casting that I did, I was suppose to be a victim. Okay, that's normal. Cause I have victim look written all over my face. Most of the roles that I am casted in is either a vunerable victim, if not, a mother. Mother? yes thats right. I have no idea why. In what way do I look like a mother I have no idea. I think maybe a shotgun, young mother la.

I love films that allows me to have lots of emotions. hmm.. I was chatting with a friend about films. And we both happen to like Wong Kai Wai films.

My first film I ever watched in a cinema theater, was Ashes of Time.

Both my sisters was so freakingly bored by it that they fell asleep. I was the only one fascinated by it. Even though I was only like Primary 4, and did not understand the film fully, I was in love with the show.

Chung King Express and In Mood for Love are other films I love too!

Chung King Express, was supposedly the first of the unofficial trilogy starring Tony Leung, which also includes In the Mood for Love and 2046.

I find the humor of how Tony Leung in the film would talk to his household items intriguing, as if they felt his sadness when he broke off with his girlfriend.

He would ask his soap why has it lost weight, and that they should both buck up and get over her even though he misses her.

Enjoy a glimpse of the film if you have not watched.

 (P.S, I have taken those photos of the films online, if they are yours, and wish for it to be credited or removed. Just email me and I will do it accordingly. Thanks!)

Love, Ariel

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Estee Lauder : Snow White and her 4 Helpers (Part 4)

One of the most basic need of the human body is WATER!

We have been advised that we should drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day.

In some articles, such as this , it is also said that we get dehydrated while we are sleeping! Even though we are sleeping, our bodies are still active, pumping blood, breathing air, refueling muscles, rebuilding cells, cleansing our blood of toxins and waste. 

So when we are awake, we are dehydrated. So we must drink lots of water to replenish the water used up when we are asleep. 

Drink the first glass during the first hour when you are awake. 

And drinking enough water helps our skin to stay moist and smooth! 

So just like our body needs water, our complexion needs enough moisture to stay radiant and healthy!

A dehydrated skin leaves the skin tight and vulnerable, and lack of hydration is a also a key contributor to an overall dull look. Without proper hydration, the surface cells becomes opaque, and creating a look that lacks healthy vibrancy and clarity.

My views....

Overall: What I like most about the Moisture Creme is that my skin absorbs it instantly and my skin feels much smoother and even at the end of the day, my skin feels moisturized.


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Thank you and Estee Lauder for this opportunity to try out their fabulous products and for giving great tips to having radiant and fair complexion! It has proven to be effective! And I love it!

Love, Ariel

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Estee Lauder: Snow White and her 4 Helpers (Part 3)

So here is my third post on Estee Lauder's CyberWhite Brilliant Cells range.

Being someone who is really busy and lazy (haha sounds contradicting), but I like to make things as easy as I can. So I rather take care of my skin now instead of putting heavy make up or concealer. I would sometimes drag my feet just to make sure I clean my face thoroughly before sleeping and make sure I do the full range of skin care routine. Prevention is better than cure!

So here you go!

This is an essential step that prepares the skin to receive the full benfits of the entire Cyberwhite Brilliant Cells system, so it looks flawless, luminous, and unbelievably bright!

It softens, soothes and conditions the skin.

Its better to use with a cotton pad so that there wont be wastage of the lotion. After applying this, apply the Full Spectrum Brightening Essence.

My views....

Overall: Basically the lotion acts like a toner for me, and I feel more refresh and cleaner after use! After removal of make up and washing your face, you will be surprise that actually the skin is not completely cleaned, thus the lotion helps to give it a final clean up.
Its improves the overall cleanliness of my skin removing any residue, dirt, any excess oil and dead skin cells.

And of course the to apply moisturizer after this, which I would share in my next post!

One of the interesting thing that Estee Lauder has created is the Cyberwhite Ipone App for you to read and know more about their products and to help you to take care of your skin in a greater way!

Provides you with the full details of the new CyberWhite Brilliant Cells whitening product.

Getting daily weather forecast and UV Protection tips with the new UV Advisor function

There is a 5-step video to show you how to get the best luminous look!

Finding out the nearest Estee Lauder store with the store locator.
So start downloading now!

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Love, Ariel

Monday, March 14, 2011

Estee Lauder: Snow White and her 4 Helpers (Part 2)

Being a typical 20th century woman, its not easy being busy and yet have radiant skin and to maintain a fair skin. So a proper skincare product is what makes it possible!

In my previous post Snow White and her 4 Helpers (Part 1) , I mentioned that I was given 4 products from Estee Lauder to review.

My oh My!!! I simply love it!

Join me in my journey to having Snow White type of complexion!

So what kind of problems do most women faces?

An uneven hue across the skin that are lurking beneath the surface. Caused by hyper-pigmentation and led by an increased release of skin's histamine.

Dull spots on the skin resulting from melanin build-up in and around pore openings.

3) STUBBORN AGE SPOTS These are deeper, darker and larger spots that can form over decades of time caused by the degradation of skin's support structure in specific areas. When the support structure collapses over time, it may allow any excess amount of melanin to cluster, forming large areas of discoloration. Gasps!!!! 

Well, as what the categories suggests, it just keeps coming back!

What do we do now?????!!! I want to have my fair skin!!!!

Here is what Estee Lauder's New Cyber White Brilliant Cells aims to do:

This gentle, yet highly effective brightening system addresses every key factor that contributes to the overall dullness while every key dark spots is brightened, providing the skin with a transulent luminosity that seems to radiate from deep within.

Its been about 2 weeks or so, that I have been using the product range, I started with the Protector as I didn't want to shock my skin with the full range of the new products.

One of the biggest culprit that causes all the dark spots is of course having sun exposure. As we all know the ozone layer is depleting, the amount of UV rays is getting more and more damaging to our delicate skin. So what we need is a good product to protect!

My views....

Scent : Comparing it with many other UV protector, the Cyber White, Full Spectrum Brightening UV Protector, definetly wins hands down, because of the scent. In fact, all of the Cyberwhite product features the a scent that emobodies the purity, traquility and peacefulness of the color "white" It contains relaxing and calming notes to help reduce any stresses that the skin is experiencing. 

It has a floral smell that is distinct, which consist of white nuances of Iris, Rose and Muguet (Lily of the Valley).

Feel: It creates a smooth, matte base for make up to glide on. I love it that it doesn't have an oily feel. And I can apply it around my neck to protect as well. Most Sun Screen Protector is only suitable for the face, then what about my neck? Its also the most exposed area!!!

So what if you already have those dark spots problems? You definetly need a product that can solve your problems. Well, if you cant afford the full range, then I suggest that you try out the CyberWhite Brilliant Cells: Full Spectrum Brightening Essence. This is to be applied after your toner before your moisturizer. To apply AM and PM over the face and neck. 

It works like a spot specialist that brightens the 4 key dark spots. It aims to help the skin regain and maintain an unprecedented level of clarity, translucency and radiance.

My views....

Scent : As mentioned before the scent applies to all the products! I feel that sometimes it works for me like a perfume. hehe.

Brightness: Non oily, and it helps in the overall radiance. I was so busy last week, that one of the days, I rushed out and only applied Toner, CyberWhite UV Protector and the Essence. I totally forgotten about my make up and rushed to work. Surprisingly my colleague, said that I still looked radiant. haha.. it works!

So what can you do to get these fabulous products?

1) Turn up for the workshop!

At the event, you get to....

- Use the portable UV scope that I mentioned in my first post. Start identifying your problem then you can find the right solution for it! For all you know you are using the wrong products that are harming your skin more than helping it!

- Complimentary 3-Step demo (CW Lotion, Essence + Moisturizer)

- Hands on skincare cum Make up workshop.

Register now at Turn on Skin's Inner Light!

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3) Start playing the Brilliant Cells Game
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By playing the game, you can collect the full range of the virtual products by trading with your friends and WIN the actual full collection! 

Love, Ariel


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Please Pray for Japan!

I was working in the office and searching the net for some information, and I saw the headlines on the Yahoo news! that an earthquake of magnitude 8.9 had occurred in Japan. I can imagine the next thing that happen is the greatly feared Tsunami. I guess the damage caused by Tsunami is greater than the earthquake itself, as Japan has always been prepared for the earthquake. But not tsunami! the speed of the high waves is at 900km/hr. How to escape man?! At this point I become thankful for being in this small island called Singapore. Everytime, we hear of typhoon, hurricane, earthquake, tsunami and many other types of natural disasters, I cant helped but be reminded that I am thankful.

I cant helped but agree with Mr Goh Chok Tong, that here we are complaining about the tiny flood in Orchard and Singapore when 1 tsunami as high as 10m tall and thousands of homes and lives lost. The Japanese stood stoic looking, no one cried, accepted that it happen and ready to move on. I feel really emotional about the whole situation, especially seeing how the flood moves the cars like how we play with toys in a gush of water.

You can see how fast the flood is engulfing and no car is fast enough to escape or at least for them to drive in the right direction. 

To learn more about how Tsunami happens...

I am praying for Japan and here are some ways to Help Japan - but these are the international efforts, I believe our Singapore Red Cross has some ways to help as well, so have to check again when they have.

Love, Ariel

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Breaking Up

When I first met you I was infatuated with you.

For many years, I dreamt about being with you.

Finally, one day I got a chance to be with you and learn more about you.

When I eventually got you. You flourish me with gifts.

You made me fall hard for you.

Whenever I was upset, you never fail to cheer me up.

Whenever I go shopping with you, you always provide for me.

 Whenever I brought you to meet my friends, you always make me look so good with you around. 


But one day, I found out you did such a thing to me.


How could you do this to me!!!

Don't you know I would be hurt!

You promise to provide for me

You promise to be there for me when there is emergency

You promise me!

But now you do this!

I am really upset and sad to end this relationship but I think I need to.

It kills me on the inside.

But I think its the best for us.

UOB LADY'S CARD, we shall end our relationship here. 

I still cannot believe you cost me to lose my entire bonus that I worked so hard for and still had no idea till I saw the freaking piece of paper called ----- "$x,xxx CREDIT CARD BILLS"!