Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Virgin Cruise Trip by Royal Caribbean- Legend of the Sea

Well, I have never gone on a cruise trip before, so being selected by Omy to go on this half-day cruise introduction allows me to understand a little more how safe and entertaining it can be for a travel trip. Having gone by air, by foot, by bus, well, by sea would be my virgin ride!

Who says you can't be well entertained while being on your way to your next destination and whats more, its more than 1 destination!

As 39 other bloggers and I reached the Singapore Cruise centre, we were arranged into groups. Okay, this is my first blogging event, as I only started blogging 6 mths ago. I am a baby blogger! Felt really out of place, but I went anyway, since I have never gone on a cruise before so no harm trying and I am so glad I did!!! As I made many new friends which is also in my Group 2.

 Presenting the Legend of the Seas 

As we waited patiently to enter 传说中的 (legendary) Legend of the Sea! yoohoo!

We were quickly brought to the breifing area, but on the way.....there was many picture snapping and chatting. We had to pass by the shopping area.

There are a few luxurious shops at the Boutique of Centrum at Deck 5. Fret not if you last minute spill wine on your tux or wanting to buy gifts for your loved ones such as wine, perfume and etc when you are on board. The shops here will solve your problems!

Time for a short briefing at the Anchors Aweigh Lounge!

One of their main Lounge, where you can join in the fun activities that is open to customers on board. There are many night theme parties, games and special events all around the cruise. So do check out their events. There is no time to be bored.

As the amiable staff of the cruise brief us and also told us a great news that instead of 4 bloggers being eligible to the 5D4N Southeast Asia tour, its open to 10 bloggers now! Yahoo! well, the competition is still stiff for me, afterall I am still a baby blogger. haha!

Our trip begins here!
We were brought to the top deck where the open pool is. There are indoor and outdoor pools which you can choose from.


Trust me, the night view would definitely blow you away. Of cos you can also try coming here during sun rise or sun set. I believe the view would be breathtaking and romantic. I would be la. With the right breeze, ambience, music and landscape, who wouldnt fall at your feet. Totally captivating. I know I would.

A perfect place to suntan and to rest & relax while enjoying the awesome view. Or you can try rock climbing or the golf!

Okay, I am really scorching under the 12pm blazing sun.. Time to go back to the cooling air con.

I am so glad that they have an indoor pool for me to choose from.

Given the interior design that has a Romanian feel.

No worries for those that does not know how to swim, the other side of the pool is about 1m. Also there is 2 whirlpools at the sides for you to enjoy.

One of the unique feature about this indoor pool is its sliding roof.

Able to sun tan and yet not feel the heat, I love it!!!

At the Solarium Cafe, you can try their ice cream which another blogger mentioned before that they do serve yummy chocolate ice creams. So do give it a try! They also serve other food!

Cherie, Gin and moi!

Me and Alvin

Estelle having some fun time at the shower.

Me at the Viking Crown lounge

Sometimes this place organize parties for singles too. hehe So who knows you might meet the guy of your dreams who happen to be here to. A romance on the seas. Okay, I am in my dreamland again.

Wonder what's in for the ladies, we need pamper ourselves right? Well the first thing when you ask a girl whats the most relaxing activity for a girl to do. The word "S-P-A" would have been word! Thats right whats a cruise without spa.

What if you forgot to wax before you board the cruise, shit, I wanna go swimming, fret not. Waxing is available too! 

Me and Eunice
Yes la, Eunice's camera is professional la, mine is a pathetic digi camera that is super lau pok pok already. Well, aiming for a new camera, but still scouting a good one, so do recommend me one if you know. :)

Who says being on a cruise you would be fat and lazy, all these sauna, nice swimming pool, gym and tanning, you can definitely shape up!

After walking for so long, me and cherie took a break. at this point she seems to be dozing off from the heat and walking. haha, I have shake her up. Happy to have know her. hmm... think Gin is off to take some fantastic photos. 

Next stop, ROOMS!!!

This mysterious plank is actually a bed. there is 1 on both side of the wall. These are the interior staterooms, meaning it has no view to the sea but the ventaliation is still good and of cos the cost is lower than those facing the sea.

This is the Junior Stateroom which has a sea view.

Hehe thats Eunice stealing a shot of me. And next to her is Blogger winner for photography

Whenever, I enter a hotel room, the first thing I check is the bed and next is the toilet. Haha, not sure why, but I really feel a toilet design and the convenience of the facilities in it is as important as the bed. So here it is!

Okay for me so far so good. Not luxurious but good enough.

As we didnt have time to view all the rooms, you can check out their website for a 360 view
Legend of the Seas Cabins

Be entertained with classy music.

Windjammer Café

Another entertainment that is a must have is the Casino.
But for family goers no worries that you will be greatly tempted to gamble, as the cruise main target audiences are family oriented. But you can still try your luck at the the Casino Royale. Ya I know, sounds so James Bond 007. But that's exactly what its called.

Look at us playing our cards so carefully. Totally immersed in our character.

Since we have no chips, we have to throw in our 10 bucks and 2 bucks.

Time for food, so you can see us smiling so happily! okay Gin is still shy with her braces. But she is totally hungry.

We were invited to dine at the Romeo and Juliet Restaurant.Which has a two-tiered dining room which features enormous windows so that you can enjoy the passing scenery while savouring your meal. Presented with elegant gold decorations to create an aura of class. Comfortable seating and posh settings. There is a dress code required. With friendly waiters, you can be assured of good service. at least that was for our case.

Finally food is served!

 Chilled Shrimp with Royal cocktail sauce.

A more popular choice at our table. The sauce is mainly with ketchap and some other mixure. By combining it with the fresh prawns and vegetables, the taste is refreshing, totally suitable for appetizers.

Or you can opt for the Asian -Style Chicken Soup which has a full flaoured chicken broth with wontons , oyster mushrooms, bok choy and scallions.

 The broth is tasty and the wontons are soft with adequate amount of fillings.

For Entrees, being a meat lover, I chose the Lamb Shank with Rosemary.

Delicious!!!! The meat is so soft, that the moment you slice the meat, it doesnt take much effort to cut. With a hint of rosemary that is subtle yet tasty at the same time. And I totally love the garlic mashed potatoes, not too milky but just the right amount. I give it a 95/100. Well typing this in the wee hours, I am hungry again. Damn it. 

Cherie chose the Chef's Halibut which is Broiled fillet with Spanish Soffrito and truffle scented polenta.

Shrimp Ravioli
In creamy coconut-lim lobster sauce with freshly wilted spinach and crispy fried leeks. 

Finally dessert...

Ivory Chocolate Fondue
Sweet Berries in white chocolate mousse. And Crunchy biscuit to add nice texture. 

I like it! a great way to end the meal. Especially with the biscuit, and dipping it with the mousse, and berries, the mixture gives it a whole new taste.

Ending off the day with a good meal!

Overall the whole experience on the ship is good. There are many activities created suitable for children, adults, single or married. Friends, couples or family, or even colleagues. Not to even mention strangers. 

Currently, they are providing trips:
Malaysia: Penang and KL
Southeast Asia: KL, Phuket  or Phuket, Langawi, KL
Bali and Semarang
Longer trips to exotic Asia - Ho Chi Minh City , Hue /Danang, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Shanghai

And others which you could check at their website: Trips you can choose

Do give it a try, if you are looking for fun and exciting even when you are travelling to the destination. Have a good time bonding and meeting new friends!