Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rising sta...(coughing)!

Two days ago, when I was having my dinner in the living room, and had the luxury of feasting and watching television, think it was Channel 8 or U, I cant remember. Having my delicious potato soup and slurping it heartily, when an advertisement came to the screen. For the first 5 seconds of the advertisement, I was trying to make out what its about. It has a backdrop of what seems like a dance studio and the main lead came up... Singing "Woohoo, woohoo" and waving his armpit in its full glory of hair. I practically spurt out my soup and was choked. You will see why.

Warning: You might be traumatized by the great talented singing.

Wow!!! I never knew he could "sing" like this, maybe that's because I never even knew he could sing.

I dont really know much about him except probably what most would know, he stripped his clothes in an audition, his spat with Xiaxue, his talent company, he introduces eyebrows trimming on the roads of Orchard. I was quite "amazed" by this guy, and visited his blog for the first time. I was greeted with "Welcome to the world's Most handsome Guy" and Over 1 Million total hits! Wah!!! I am really "impressed"!

I think I can applaud him for his courage to live his life to the fullest. Though I did not enjoy any minute of the excruciating pain of watching the video. I think he make waves for himself in the most alarming and interesting way.

I wish to put up his second video, but my brain doesn't allow. So that's it. you may view it at this link.... if you dare..

Its his slow song number, ironically, its called. " 让我心好好痛一篇". Actually the tittle is quite nice. But if it was sung by the Raymond Lam, I would have savour every minute.

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