Monday, December 27, 2010

The Grand Opening of Overtime @ Dempsey Hill

As time slowly creep into the night, 2 OLs are still working on a project due the following day. 
" My gosh! Time past so quickly, its nine already!" Cassie shouted across her work desk to her colleague, Samantha, who was struggling to finish her work as well.

"I can't think anymore! Damn it! I really need to relax man! I really need some Overtime!" Samantha exclaimed back.

That's right! You heard it right! We definitely need some overtime at Overtime!


I had the privilege of attending the Grand Opening of Overtime @ Dempsey Hill. Thanks to Alvin who asked me to come along!

If you are like Cassie and Samantha, working hard but still loves to play hard or just wanting a place to relax and chill out with great music and drinks. Check out Overtime!

Overtime has already created huge waves in Malaysia, and now launching their 2 new outlets at Dempsey Hill and Holland Village.

The Grand opening at Dempsey Hill outlet was an unforgettable night with fun entertainment, free flow of drinks and buffet food. And the highlight of the event today is the celebrity who was invited to graced the launch.... and tada!! it's Taiwanese highly sought after and top model, LIN CHI LING. The event was also attended by well known faces from media and entertainment industries. The emcee was non other than our local up and rising Pamelyn Chee.

With "live" performance of familiar tunes by local independent band, 3 sessions and not to forget enjoying a free flow of the award- winning Starker Fresh Beer, you are sure to have kick from the night.

Lin Chiling and Alan Loh, Head of Entertainment and Marketign of OverTime Headquaters served the very first pint of the Starker Fresh Beer in the traditional German way - by hammering a tab into the barrel.

I had an awesome, meeting with other bloggers, Cherie, Mint Leong (whom so coincidentally I happen to read her blog for the very first time, that very day), Yin Zi, Yong Wei and many more!

(in courtesy of Vibe Communications.)

Don't ask me why I am wearing so slack. I didn't know I would be going to the event. And worse thing, I didn't bring my newly bought S95. I would have gladly taken thousands of photos.

There are many pubs around Dempsey but what brings the customers back for more is the not just the name, facade of the architectural design or the drinks, its also the staff who are smiley and friendly! Cherie's called for her orange for quite some time but the orders at the bar was overwhelming, but when reminded they responded with great attitude and even joke with us but of course after bringing the drinks la! And what I like about the staff, is that they have a personal touch by chatting with you and despite handling many orders.

This place is totally as what it aims to do : to bring a whole new meaning to "After Hours" enjoyment.

haha the privilege of  being petite, I get to stand in front. Actually, I wanted to be next to Lin Chiling, but the 2 ladies at the side was squashing and covering me at full length. So I was pushed to stand in front. Okay, I have no idea who they are but they fans of Lin Chi Ling and the rest of us bloggers get to stand up close and personal. Yeah!!!

One of the key highlights that you must try at this place its the Staker Beer
Overtime is one of the very few entertainment outlets in Singapore to offer Starker Beer, the double Gold Medal Winner in Asia Beer Awards 2010 under the "Wheat beer" and "Pilsner" categories. Derived from a German word that means a strong, unrivaled taste of truly fresh beer that many beer connoisseurs have missed for generations.

Besides serving sumptuous food, Overtime also offers a wide range of cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks, concocted by the restaurant's very own mixologists.

By combining an inviting atmosphere, good beer, menu variety, parking convenience and not forgetting a clad of friendly waiters who reach out to one's every need, Overtime is a perfect place to wind down and pump one's spirits after work.

And in respond to the festive season of Christmas and New Years, Overtime is having a special promotion!

Overtime @ Dempsey Hill 
Blk 18, 18 E, Dempsey Road Singapore 249677

Overtime @ Holland Village
25 Lorong Mambong Singapore 277684

Do check it out!

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