Friday, December 3, 2010

I love you chocolates!

That day, someone sent a package to our company, and we were quite intrigued by the size of the package. as we opened it..... O my gosh, this is the first time I ever seen such beautiful packaging to present chocolates.... (okay I wasn't there, I on half day leave or what I cant remember) But when I came back to work...

Photos taken by dear Moreen

It was so beautiful and delicious that when I ate the mint chocolate, it totally melt in my mouth.. and the taste was heavenly. You start to feel that you are in the clouds... okay over exaggeration. But I was so into it the chocolate, that I said I would marry the guy that gave me this. yes, i am so easily won over.. then I continued. so that he can hide the ring in one of the chocolate. and I can eat the chocolate day by day and finally find the ring...  WAHAHAHA!!!! and I can have 21 days to eat from.. *Wink*

Choco is from Ritz Carlton.

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