A Little about MOI

Loves God

Loves filming, watching movies, feasting on yummy food and exploring new places.

A typical Arian

Loves anything purple and pink!

Loves Steak, Chinese, Italian, Japanese foodie! But mostly depends on my mood

Loves tranquil beaches

Loves traveling around the world

Likes to be around happy people ( I mean who doesn't like it, right?)

Likes to explore beauty products 

Discovering new gadgets from latest mop in supermarket to fashionable apparels and more.

I named my blog, "Beginning with Ariel". Because I love the beginning of things. The start of everything is always the most exciting and interesting, just like the song says, "the first love is the deepest". The beginning of love, the start of dating, the arising of the first light, the birth of a child... well of cos the end of things is also where the satisfaction fulfils.
I like the beginning because when darkness comes, you wait impatiently for the first sunlight to shine, and when it shines upon your face you know you can start afresh, and all is past, you have a new hope. 

My real name is Wendy, but it seems to be a commonplace name. So I prefer to go by another name in the blogosphere. I chose Ariel, as it is a special name, firstly because it is similar to Aries, my horoscope star. Nope, I am not a fanatic of signs and stars. And secondly, because my colleague nicknamed me Ariel as there was 7 ladies in my department where I worked which represents the 7 Disney Princess. Sounds cheesy? haha but I thought it was a nice blog name too. :)