Sunday, December 12, 2010

Busy Week of EATING!!

This week had been a craze of feasting!! Its eating and eating and eating!!! After having suffered from abstaining good food weeks ago, even the extraction of my wisdom tooth did not deter me from feasting. I love EATING!! I declare that I live to eat. As a wise man once said, "几时年"  Eat, I say!

With Crispy Chicken Balls! Steam Chawanmushi with Shiitake mushrooms ginkonuts & unagi, seafood cakes.. Yummy!!!! And into my stomach the battered prawns with wasabi mayo, honey baked cod fillet with saffron mango sauce; salsa and more......

Or the decor of the Hansel and Gretel's candy house....

And not to forget, the following day, someone send a huge box with a huge Christmas turkey to our office and everyone practically just pounce on it cause its just so damn delicious!!!!!!

Saturday, BBQ with chicken wings, curry, fried noodles and so forth... Sunday Wedding dinner... My GOSH!! I was practically gorging on food!!

Oh Man, next week and the the following week as well... I really got to work out!

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