Thursday, April 28, 2011

U can choose!

I received an email that was circulating around in FB and of cos in the digital world. so here it is to share.

~   ~  ~

I need your urgent advice about employing a maid. As a busy mother, I need someone reliable to help out at home.

My maid is from Profits Agency Pte (PAP) and she has worked for me for a long time. Her mother worked for my parents and did an excellent job, so I had faith in her. For several years her performance has been very good, but recently she has become arrogant and insensitive, and is making lots of mistakes.

For example:

1) She flooded my kitchen – she told me that the drain pipe has blocked (she was supposed to clear it once a month but didn’t). Then she assured me that it is very rare and won’t happen again in the near future. Guess what? It flooded again within a year!

2) She didn’t close a window and my terrier dog escaped. I was so worried cos he is dangerous and could bite lots of people. After the incident, she didn’t apologise and just shrugged her shoulders saying “What to do, it has happened.” Fortunately my neighbor found the dog and we locked it up again.

3) Without consulting me, she has been bringing in strangers for my house's maintenance work. She says they charge low wages and keep costs down, but they eat my food, make a lot of noise and rest on my bed. I think they even tried to seduce my husband. It stopped feeling like my home, more like a cheap hotel, and I don’t always want to come back at the end of the day.

4) When she first came to work for me, I instructed her to clean the different parts of the house at least once a week. But for some time she has stopped taking care of the bedrooms of PP and H; they are now dirty and messy. I asked why and she told me that the kids had been disobedient, so she was neglecting their bedrooms as a punishment (she has forgotten that she is paid to clean all the rooms).

Even though my maid has worked for me for many years and I value what she has done in the past, I think she is now getting complacent. Her attitude is imperious and dismissive. She ignores my comments and basically treats my feedback as "noise". I wrote to the agency about her behavior; they assured me that they are the best agency around and all their maids are “Commited to Serve” – but I think it is just rhetoric and I don’t see that in her actions. Her salary is much higher than maids in other countries, but the agency say this is to keep her honest and stop her moving to another employer. They say there is a limited supply of maids, and Singapore isn’t big enough for more than one good maid agency, so I should not trust their competitors.

I have to decide whether to renew my maid’s 5-year employment contract. When we discussed this she said that she is now part of a team, and if I want her I must also accept her friends doing part-time work for me. One friend is very inexperienced, can't do basic tasks or explain what she intends to do. I suspect that she is actually underage. When interviewed, she only seemed interested in her days-off and visiting Universal Studios. When she couldn't answer my questions she stomped her foot and exclaimed, "I don't know what to say!" But I am still expected to pay her a high salary.

Now there happen to be a few other maid agencies - Workhard Pte (WP), New Solutions Pte (NSP), Super Personnel Pte (SPP) and Star Domestica Pte (SDP) - that offered me some helpers who seem sincere, genuine and intelligent. They are keen to work, willing to assist me and have a good attitude. I know that they may take a bit of time to learn how everything works, but frankly I am inclined to give them a chance.

People say that the devil you know is better than one you don’t. But I feel that I can’t tahan my current maid anymore. Do you think I should sack my current maid and try out a new one? Appreciate your advice.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lets Chill at OVERTIME!

This is like a super overdued post. So here it is!

Do check out this place!

Blk 18, 18E Dempsey Road,
Singapore 249677
T • (65) 6472 4388
PS. I am still exploring using my photoshop and blogging skill. promise to have bigger fonts in future!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Strange man No. 2

"113!" I cried out the bus number under my breathe and ran after the bus. "Shit! Am I gonna be late?" I decided to give it a shot.

And yes, I manage caught the bus, and walking to the back of the bus, I chose my favourite seat. And there was a man was sitted behind me. I tidied my hair and tried to settle down proper, when at the corner of my eye, I spotted a hand reaching for my shoulder. I got a fright and stared at the man behind.

"I said excuse me already, you don't have to be so afraid. I said excuse me."

The fact was that I had my ear phones on and my music blasted with my hip hop songs, I couldnt hear a single word.

And he continued, "I said excuse already. oh never mind."

I replied, " Oh I had my earphones on."

He: Can you stop playing you hair?"

Me: "huh? but I wasn't playing my hair."

And he muffled some stuff, and finally said, "never mind..."

I thought to myself, hmm... is it he thinks that when I flip my hair, even in distance away, particles from my hair would reach to him and cause fleshing eating virus to infect him? Or he thinks my hair has magical power that would cause leprosy on him. Oh that when I flipped it, there will be airborne bacteria that would cause him faint and die on spot.

Wow!!! I am quite powerful leh! If only that is true, I would definitely want to try it on him.

In the end, I didnt want argue with him, and sat at another seat. Didn't want to be a bitch in the morning and ruin my day. :) I just flipped my hair.

Monday, April 11, 2011

My Crabby day!!!

Had an early celebration with my family for my birthday! yippee! And to feast on my favorite crabs. And yes when I eat crabs, I do not care about my "yi tai"

 Okay, getting ready for my day!

There are indeed many places in Singapore you can find good crab restaurants. In case you didn't know, Chilli Crab is a seafood dish that originated in Singapore, created by a Singaporean couple. Who says Singaporeans have no creativity and we always need to engage foreign talent to create what is called our own.. 

Anyway, I wish to collate a whole list of food review on crabs, so here is my first. Though its not really a review, as I dont have time to really go in depth.
Well, as mentioned, there are many crab restaurants we can choose from, so it depends what type you feel like having that day, as most of them will be known for a certain dish. Jumbo is known for their award winning chilli crab and signature Black pepper crab.

- 2006: Awarded The Best Chilli Crab in Tiger Beer Chilli Crab Championship Series 2006
- 2007: ‘Best Seafood Dish’ in Tasty Chef Restaurant Association Singapore (RAS) Culinary  
- Excellent Food Award for exceptional culinary skills in Chilli & Black Pepper King Crab awarded by FOOD & ENTERTAINMENT guide for executives. 

and many more awards....

We chose the outlet at ....

Jumbo Seafood @ NSRCC
10 Changi Coast Walk
SAFRA Resort
Singapore 499739
Tel: 6552-3435

A restaurant in a country club for Safra members, so if you have membership, you will enjoy 10% discount if I don't recall wrongly. If you go in the day, you will be able to enjoy a nice of tranquility of the green surrounding. You may even take a nice walk after the meal. An ideal place for family.

 Opps. a candid shot my bro-in-law.

Our first dish!!!!

 Braised Homemade Spinach Skin Beancurd with Mushroom.

Crispy-fried Baby Squid. 

And here comes the main dish for the night!

Black pepper crabs!!!

 Scallops Wrapped in Yam Ring

And not to forget the mantou.. sorry I was too hungry liao. no time and no hand to take photos of the mantou, as they are all in my mouth. 

Okay last but not least is to finish off with a nice desert. 

 My happy and satisfied look.

Well, before the day ended, my bro-in-law drove me and my family to the nearest atm for me to do some urgent bank transfer. We chose one that is brightly lighted which is near a bus stop and a mall. My sister accompanied me and after I did my transfer, we walked back to the car. 

I was chatting with my sister and did not realize a Bangladshi was walking extemely close me as I was facing my sister, who was on my right side. I didnt noticed at all that she started to slow down and was looking in my direction. Until, when we started to approach the waiting area where our car was, he walked right next to me. I am usually quite alert but today I was in a good mood and let my guard down. 

I was happily chatting and swinging my hands normally as a person usually does when you walk, and my left hand swing straight to his ... ehem.. and gave a slightly hard hit. I immediately kept my hand to my side, and stared after the man as he walked faster, and when he turn slightly, I thought I saw a smile. 


What did I just do? 

 My Sis later told me he was walking extremely close to me despite the road being very wide apart. And she was practically staring hard at him to back off. 

well, its not the first time someone walk so damn close to try and do something funny. I was with my ex boyfriend, who practically looks quite tough and was walking side my side with me when we entered the MRT train. But this peculiar guy was walking so close to me that I could feel him sniffing my hair and his body, so close to me but not touching as he walk past me. And the train was not even crowded. We were the only 3 people entering to a relatively emptied train. Even in the train, I spotted him staring at me! Ello! My ex had to stare hard at him before the guy stopped and look another way.

Hmm... it got me to think, are we really that safe? 

Anyway, my day was still good, don't wish to let some psychopath ruin my day.

Had a pleasant celebration with my family...  

Hope you have a pleasant weekend.

Love, Ariel

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Makes my day!

Okay, what I am about to post will definitely make your day! If it doesn't, I have nothing to say to you man.

There is no particular reason why I post this, so stop speculating. I just happened to see a photo of it and made me feel really warm and happy. haha. So I decide to do a quick search for it and found out that it does have a tickle to the soul effect. I hope it does for you. Here you go! Enjoy....










P.S I found these photos on internet. 
If any of the photos happen to be yours and you wish to have it credited, or remove, kindly drop me an email.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Death speaks

There was a merchant in Bagdad who sent his servant to market to buy provisions and in a little while the servant came back, white and trembling,and said,

"Master, just now when I was in the market-place I was jostled by a woman in the crowd and when I turned I saw it was Death that jostled me. She looked at me and made a threatening gesture; now, lend me your horse, and I will ride away from this city and avoid my fate. I will go to Samarra and there death will not find me. "

The merchant lent him his horse, and the servant mounted it, and he dug his spurs in its flanks and as fast as the horse could gallop he went.

Then the merchant went down to the market-place and he saw me standing in the crowd and he came to me and said, 

"Why did you make a threatening gesture to my servant when you saw him this morning? That was not a threatening gesture", I said, 
"it was only a start of surprise. I was astonished to see him in Bagdadm for I had an appointment with him tonight in Samarra."

Jeffrey Archer 

Friday, April 1, 2011

I say "Hey!"

I was at the MRT today, taking my usual train, walking to my next train when I spotted the side view of a familiar face from afar– A good old Friend from Poly days!





I run towards him excitedly, Slap him hard on his back and beamed a wide smile and said “HEY!”




He turned around, our eyes met, the world seems to stop for a moment. He stared at me, I stared at him.






Who is this guy?