Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Do you want to be slim?


My Beauty Dairy with Marie France Bodyline (Part 1) : Interview with The Slim Girl

I know I know... the number 1 question you must be asking is, do I even need this? At first, when I was invited to go for this, I was wondering, sure anot, you want me to try out and blog about their treatment. I thought to myself I am quite slim already. (yes pompous and arrogantly spoken). But lo and behold, when Marie France did the test for me on the machine, I was shocked! Though other parts of my body is low fat or in fact moderate. They could detect I have fats on my tummy!!!! Yes, I can no longer hide it. I used to have supper flat tummy....because I used to dance aggressively

me during a dance competition, years back....

me with my flat tummy and slim face


I started working..... totally slack to the max! It didn't help at all since I am working in an event company and cos I am lazy la. I wish I can confidently wear bikini and swim by the beach . And because I am slim, its even more obvious la! And as my close friends know, I love wearing tight and body hugging clothes (sucking my tummy hard), so its er.... pretty much obvious.

I realized most Singaporean women are generally slim but once we hit a certain age (ahem), we cant deny that work stress, the delicious food in Singapore, eating with boyfriend, feasting with BFFs, gatherings, events, sitting in office all day long causes many of us having this problem - having fats at all the wrong areas.

I kind of stop wearing jeans, cause I would be suffocating when I sit down. And after a meal, I would need to either zip down or lose some buttons. And I love jeans!!!! Its the easiest to match. :(

me (now) with my flabby tummy (hidden smartly) and slightly rounded face

You cant deny when the machine says the truth... 
I was shocked when the consultant could tell I had fats at my tummy, and I purposely wore a loose dress that day. All because the machine could detect it. Damn it.

Anyway, I had to compromise to wearing dresses in all occasions, which is okay but I would love to be able to wear jeans and look like this.....







Damn hot!!!!

I am really excited about it!!! The consultant have shared with me that they would be focusing for me on tummy and toning up my body. That sounds exactly what I need!

Yoohhooo... Flat Tummy here I come!!!

So here we go.......

In my next few posts for my Beauty Dairy with Marie France, I would focus on different aspects of the whole process and hope to share with ladies of all shapes and sizes, with the expertise of professionals, well trained by Marie France.

 So look out for whats coming up!

Check out Marie France Bodyline

Love, Ariel

Monday, June 27, 2011


I am really excited about my next post... a little hint.. its about beauty.. no la I didnt get plastic surgery la. I too scared to do it. Low threshold for pain. Hopefully can be up by mid of this week.. Look out for it! Yoohooo!!!!

Hope you all have enjoyed your weekend and looking forward to the new week!!!

Love, Ariel

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Simplicity of Life

Haven't been blogging for such a long time. I think I am deprived. Have been so busy these past few weeks with work, personal life, friends and all. But I would say last Sunday was one of best day of this year so far and I am believing for more of it. I have no idea why that day was so packed with activities. But I love it because I was not alone in the whole journey. And more importantly, I met new friends, got inspired, had a thought provoking experience and deep, meaningful chats with friends. A fruitful day.

I went for church service that morning, and had a great start of the day. Listening attentively to the sermon, where 2 sentences hit me.

"Before Promotion, There is Preparation." and
"Windows of Opportunity"

These 2 messages basically means recognising the seasons of life and be prepared for it.

He depicted recognizing windows of opportunities with the story of Marco Polo's journey to Mongolia.
One of the greatest opportunity missed to evangelised in the history of Christianity was this.

As he only gave a brief account, I found this website that gave a slightly more detailed background.

"Christianity came to the Mongolian steppes introduced by Nestorian missionaries from Central Asia as early as the 7th century. Yet many Mongols held fast to their belief in Shamanism. By the end of the 16th century many Mongols had converted to Lama Buddhism. The Mongolia today is rather traditional. But Christianity would not have even crossed the border if it hadn’t been for Kublai Khan whose mother was a Christian. He was the grandson of Genghis Khan and ruled when the Mongol Empire had reached its limit. It could not expand any farther, so Kublai concentrated on maintaining peace in his borders. When Marco Polo (1254 - 1323?) journeyed to China, he found evidence of Christian communities and served in the court of Kublai having become the Khan’s trusted friend. Kublai became interested in Christianity and even asked the Polo’s to bring back teachers and missionaries to his land. This request was never fulfilled. This may be one of the greatest lost missionary opportunities. Due to a continuing lack of Christian influence, the land remained in its Buddhist lifestyle. Today, they do not persecute Christians (though there are only a few), but they still firmly believe that Buddhism is the only true religion and even more so as a reaction to Christian missionary efforts. This antagonistic reaction is to preserve the Buddhist beliefs which are intertwined with Mongolian culture. They do not want to change after centuries of practicing Buddhism."

As the verse says "the harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few".

I begin to ask myself, if I was ready when God open up opportunities for me to harvest.

I read a book this morning and the verse seems to spring out to speak to me.
"Sow for yourselves righteousness; reap steadfast love; break up your fallow ground, for it is the time to seek the LORD, that he may come and rain righteousness upon you."
Hosea 10:12

The chapter started off with this verse and slowly elaborated the verse.  

I am reading the point about "Sow for yourselves righteousness", Sowing is a time of recognising the season of your life and preparation for the harvest to come.

I asked myself again, what season of my life am I at?

Too big a question.

I am at a point of confusion.

What I can see now is I am closing to the end of one phase of my life and starting a new phase. A crucial point like a T-junction.

I decided to start small. I shall just start preparing myself for Higher conference (a Young Adult camp organized by my zone in church, a 3-day period where young adults gather to seek God and of course to have enjoy the trip, knowing my cell group, I believe it would extremely fun as well). I dont know why, but I felt the Lord spoke to me to go, so I happened to be one of the first few to signed up. I felt I needed a fresh start with God.

I felt God speaking to me through different people and situation. I could almost feel something great is about to happen and that my life is going to change. I am excited! Or maybe is changing right now at this point.


In the afternoon on the Sunday, I went for a talk and met one of the most inspirational man. A man of little words, but every word is full of power and wisdom. Inspiring and provoking. No la, I am not talking about Jesus. But at some point, I thought to myself, if this man was a preacher, he would have influence many to Christ. But in whichever way, he has inspired many and is a true leader who has the heart for people. I actually teared when he spoke with so much conviction of what he believes in.


In the late, lazy afternoon, I was doing one of my favourite activity. Nuaing! (relaxing)

Strolling down Haji Lane.....

Chanced upon a shop that sold amazing cupcakes

Tasting their famous Red Velvet Cupcake

My Fat Lady has captured my heart with their cupcakes


By nightfall, it was the best time to watch a movie and have a casual chat in the comfort of a stylish home and people from all walks of life sharing experiences and thoughts. I love it when people talk about films and views about life. Cause thats when you really know what people thinks. It was deep and meaningful.


And course, a kiss on the cheek to end the day was the best of it. 

Love, Ariel