Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Disclaimer: story adapted from Snow White and seven dwarfs (as there are many versions, I chose one that is familar to me during my childhood.)

Waking up, I strolled clumsily into my bathroom, still in my slumber, my mind refusing to wake up. My everyday routine is to look into the mirror before reaching for my toothbrush. "Hiaks!! what's with my tangled hair, the droppy eyes with visible dark rings evident of a late night sleep, the pimple that popped out of nowhere on my nose!" 

After washing my face and putting on make up, extreme effort to conceal the flaws of my face and dressing up to the best  I know how, I looked into the mirror again. The mirror that speaks only but the truth. I asked excitedly, ready to rush out,

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall, how do I look today?" 

The mirror replied plainly, " like shit." 

Well, that's what the mirror does, it tells the truth. But the thing about the mirror on the wall, is that it may speak the truth, but its what you believe it says and how you react to the truth that was whispered into your ear. Most people take it the negative way and actually have an invisible zooming lens that highlights the flaws you see in it. 

"Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the skinniest of them all"  

This is one question that many female teenagers or even young women nowadays ask the mirror. We are unable to compare with the whole kingdom like the stepmother in the fairytale. But we compare with the kingdom of what we call - the society. The society that the media creates for us believe in what it wants you to believe. 

The pictures below are of German photographer Ivonne Thein and part of the exhibition “32 kilos” of the Goethe Institute in Washington. 
I found it on a blog named: Artsytime

What do you see in your mirror?

Watch out what the gimmicks of many slimming centre says to you. Intentionally asking the artiste who is already skinny to endorse that the product it uses works.  Or to ask her to parade in public and allow paparazzis to snap photos that she has suddenly gain lots of fats but after entering into the slimming centre she lost of lots of weight and officiate her as the ambassodor for the slimming centre. Okay, maybe it works. But I ever saw one artiste that endorses for a slimming centre, but she did not look at all like the photo shown on the newspaper ad. 
When I was younger, I didnt have to ask this question. But once you hit a certain age, you realise your strong army called Metalbolism starts to slack as well. You start asking the mirror THE questio. 

I am thankful that I am generally a slim girl. And blessed by the fact that I don't get fat easily though I at some point I did gain bit of fats on my face and tummy. And I realise it happens when you are in a relationship. But after long weeks of fighting the gastric flu, I dropped my weight. But I love to eat thats for sure, and wont give up for the fear of gaining weight. But I would watch my diet. We all want to be healthy right.

I have many friends that say to me how they envy my slimness and that I can eat all I want and not get fat. Or they like my pixie face that is so slim. I would just smile humbly. But what they dont know is that I,too, secretly envy them for their height, and how I wish I have that flawless skin, oh man how did she have nice butt, shit I wish I can work out like her, why is she so smart, he luscious hair and on and on and on....

The thing is humans are never satisfied. We look at ourselves in mirror and tell ourselves what we want to see in the reflection. And the reflections in the eyes of others. But one thing I know for sure, the reflection I see in God's eyes is always beautiful.  

Once again I ask the mirror,

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall, how do I look today? "

It replied, " Fantastic!"

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