Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Have been busy and lazy...
I seriously can't wait for October to come. 
So that I can do all the things I have planned. 

Oh well, till the day comes.

Today was quite eventful. 
Went for a cleo event
Had a free makeover. 
haha, save my time and money and head straight for a wedding. 
I vow to wear this maxi dress at least once.
I think every girl should own a maxi dress. 
And wear at least once.
Why? Cos its like branded bag, every girl will own at least one

Okay I am not that tall, and I don't think when I wear a maxi I looked that fantastic but well,
there will be maxis that would suit your body shape and height. 
I bought this dress at Far East. 

Yes, my room is messy. 
I decided to just do a major spring clean after my work event. 
So please...just focus on the dress alright?
The color of the dress makes it looks refreshing and enhances the height. 
However, some maxis do make you look pregnant, so it is crucial to select carefully. 
But I for one, cant be bothered.
I purposely wore a loose one so that I can eat more at the dinner, haha......
I just match it with a belt to define the waistline.

The handsome couple

A bit blur, as I was busy eating when they announced their arrival, didn't have time to change mode.

I would say this wedding is one of the most heavily organized
and had a great assurance of no lack of entertainment.
There was singing, dancing and interesting MV done by the couple..
Haha quite typical of what my friend, the groom would do.

As a event executive, I can't help but scrutinise the event success. haha..
And yes it is quite well-planned and prepared.
Well done, dude!
I could feel the love in the air!!!!

However, today was suppose to be some auspicious day in reference to the chinese lunar calendar,
definitely not in the English calendar, as its Sept 11.
So the Swissotel, Stamford was fully booked with almost 3-5 weddings in the 2 levels.
And I estimated each ballroom for the weddings is about the size of 40 tables of 10 pax.
thats like 4000 people in that night!
Okay that's just an estimation.
I was busy eating. Not busy snooping around other wedding yah.
So you can expect the standard of serving to drop.
I was quite shocked when I saw my utensils not cleaned properly.

This was the saucer placed on my table, even before I started my food.
And the chopsticks have remnants of the fish skin which is usually sticky and harder to clean. Erks!
Obviously, not cleaned thoroughly. 

A waiter accidentally spilled some chilled coke on my friend's shoulder,
and he turn to his wife, and said "Dear, why is the waiter giving me the cold shoulder?"

Well, but all in all, we did have a good time.
Its all about celebration of a couple's unity as one
and that they found one another in the midst of 5 million people in Singapore.

Congrats dude!

Love, Ariel

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Feeling burdened

Feeling burdened.

Feeling really troubled that I cant sleep but drop a tear of fear. 

Wonder why its getting worse and worse.

I thought it was getting better but no.

Wonder when it will be better

Could only turn my eyes to God

Need a miracle from Him

Need the faith in Him

Need the hope from Him

Need the strength from Him

God, please help to go through it and be victorious 

Though I feel gloom hovering over me, I can only trust You to protect me and bring me out of it. 

May your peace and faith be upon me.

Love, Ariel

Friday, September 2, 2011

In Her Shoes!

Oh my, I have been really busy with work. Well, a major event is coming up, can't help but be busy.

But in the midst of my work, I will still have time to support my friends and people I admire and worked with, performing in

In Her Shoes 2011!

Watch what for........

Joanna Dong 

One of the most talented local artiste I have met and known.
Having won one of Star Hunter award at this year's Shanghai international Festival for her role in "Forever"
She is also the lead singer for the film that she starred in.

Forever - the movie trailer
Also, known as Singapore's award winning actress
Need I say more?
With so many awards and credits under her belt,
its hard not to watch her.

Derrick Siu
What can I say?
A crazy guy who gave up playing doctor to pursue his dreams in the entertainment and arts!
Haha! I totally admire him for his courage.
Though I have only worked with him once, it was quite an honour to know him.

In Her Shoes is RunForHope registration from 2pm
Yoga and Holistic Arts Fair from 2pm
LIVE CONCERT on the green from 6-10pm Adrian Pang, Joanna Dong, Jack & Rai, Sharon Wong...and more!

Donation based entry, tickets also available online soon!
...See you there, and don't forget to bring your picnic mats!

Located at Fort Canning, you will be be treated to a 3hour outdoor concert 

featuring the return of local talents such as Joanna Dong performing the Official Event Song Sing Me To Sleep with Kathryn Wong, Jack and Rai, Wil Kolen, Sharon Wong with Wan Yew Fai, 
Gillian Tan, Shigga Shay. 

Expect to be tickled by the fundraising games of Adrian and Tracie Pang 
(with members of Pangdemonium), 
and maybe even win-a-celeb for 15 minutes as one of the prizes! 
There's also a 6 month Yoga Package up for grabs from Sangha.

The event will also be the key registration venue for the subsequent Run For Hope held

on 20th November,
for which we hope to attract up to 7,000 participants. 

The two events hope to top the fund target of SGD500,000. 
All funds will go to NCCS for cancer research.

(All information can be found in In Her Shoes Facebook )

Venue: Fort Canning 
Donation based entry 
All Day Yoga event
Sept 17, 6pm

Love, Ariel