Friday, December 31, 2010

Good Bye 2010 and Hello 2011!

How has your 2010 been for you?

Maybe yours have been great! Pumped with fat year end bonuses, shot to fame cause of some controversy, found a new partner, got married to a awesome man or lady, got a promotion, went on a long adventurous trip, fell in love, found meaning in love, found God, bought a new house at a good price (which I would like to congratulate you cause it must be a miracle or you are just so rich), and more and more...

Well, congratulations to you! And thank God it has been a great year for you!

Or maybe yours have been the opposite.

Well, I can only encourage you by telling you that you are not alone. Mine hasn't been exactly been a good one and I can't wait for 2011 to come. It has been stagnant not just in my filming projects, work or life and a highly strenuous relationship that ended in Oct.

But I am glad my life finally picked up in November. Looking back, there are many things that I can thank God and this year, I learnt a great lesson that is to love my life and start to accept myself who I am. There are times when we are confused or not knowing what we should be doing life. I call that the cross road in life. We start to doubt what is our purpose and what we are living for.

Been too bugged down by the rat race. Chasing after the bus, chasing the train, chasing the fashion, chasing after the queue, chasing after the latest gadget, chasing the money, chasing the stocks, chasing the report, chasing the project, chasing the children, chasing the time and after a while you start asking what am I chasing for?

I guess this season in my life is the WINTER.
The coldness and hardness that I have to wait it out. This past one year I had a troublesome year filled with anger, quarrels and dissatisfaction. But after that season is over, I felt like a diver having lost his oxygen tank, desperately gasping for air and struggling to survive, swimming frantically upwards, thinking whether you would even survive and finally... you take your first breath of air like a fresh new birth of life.

I could say I am slowing coming out of the winter season. I am believing 2011 to be a great year! Cause I am really gonna focus on my priorities.

I am really thankful for all the things God has done for my life.

My great family who has been always so supportive of me.
My great friends who rallied around me when I was really upset
My great colleagues who have been a great team to work with.
My stable career that has sustained me and building.
My filming passion is still going on though not as strong as before but I still enjoy. 
My new blogging hobby that has allowed me to made new friends and opportunities
My new camera! hehe
My stable 2010. I would say though it was calm, its definitely better than stormy.

Well! its 2011! A brand new year! New opportunities, new people, new life, new experience, new in everything!

Any mistakes you have made in 2010 is over now, time to look forward and make new. That's exactly why I name my blog, we can always be thankful that we can start over and have a new beginning!

I wish everyone



                                                                      Me and bestie Jorlyn!!

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