Sunday, March 20, 2011

Estee Lauder : Snow White and her 4 Helpers (Part 4)

One of the most basic need of the human body is WATER!

We have been advised that we should drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day.

In some articles, such as this , it is also said that we get dehydrated while we are sleeping! Even though we are sleeping, our bodies are still active, pumping blood, breathing air, refueling muscles, rebuilding cells, cleansing our blood of toxins and waste. 

So when we are awake, we are dehydrated. So we must drink lots of water to replenish the water used up when we are asleep. 

Drink the first glass during the first hour when you are awake. 

And drinking enough water helps our skin to stay moist and smooth! 

So just like our body needs water, our complexion needs enough moisture to stay radiant and healthy!

A dehydrated skin leaves the skin tight and vulnerable, and lack of hydration is a also a key contributor to an overall dull look. Without proper hydration, the surface cells becomes opaque, and creating a look that lacks healthy vibrancy and clarity.

My views....

Overall: What I like most about the Moisture Creme is that my skin absorbs it instantly and my skin feels much smoother and even at the end of the day, my skin feels moisturized.


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Love, Ariel

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