Saturday, March 19, 2011

Estee Lauder: Snow White and her 4 Helpers (Part 3)

So here is my third post on Estee Lauder's CyberWhite Brilliant Cells range.

Being someone who is really busy and lazy (haha sounds contradicting), but I like to make things as easy as I can. So I rather take care of my skin now instead of putting heavy make up or concealer. I would sometimes drag my feet just to make sure I clean my face thoroughly before sleeping and make sure I do the full range of skin care routine. Prevention is better than cure!

So here you go!

This is an essential step that prepares the skin to receive the full benfits of the entire Cyberwhite Brilliant Cells system, so it looks flawless, luminous, and unbelievably bright!

It softens, soothes and conditions the skin.

Its better to use with a cotton pad so that there wont be wastage of the lotion. After applying this, apply the Full Spectrum Brightening Essence.

My views....

Overall: Basically the lotion acts like a toner for me, and I feel more refresh and cleaner after use! After removal of make up and washing your face, you will be surprise that actually the skin is not completely cleaned, thus the lotion helps to give it a final clean up.
Its improves the overall cleanliness of my skin removing any residue, dirt, any excess oil and dead skin cells.

And of course the to apply moisturizer after this, which I would share in my next post!

One of the interesting thing that Estee Lauder has created is the Cyberwhite Ipone App for you to read and know more about their products and to help you to take care of your skin in a greater way!

Provides you with the full details of the new CyberWhite Brilliant Cells whitening product.

Getting daily weather forecast and UV Protection tips with the new UV Advisor function

There is a 5-step video to show you how to get the best luminous look!

Finding out the nearest Estee Lauder store with the store locator.
So start downloading now!

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