Thursday, March 3, 2011

Breaking Up

When I first met you I was infatuated with you.

For many years, I dreamt about being with you.

Finally, one day I got a chance to be with you and learn more about you.

When I eventually got you. You flourish me with gifts.

You made me fall hard for you.

Whenever I was upset, you never fail to cheer me up.

Whenever I go shopping with you, you always provide for me.

 Whenever I brought you to meet my friends, you always make me look so good with you around. 


But one day, I found out you did such a thing to me.


How could you do this to me!!!

Don't you know I would be hurt!

You promise to provide for me

You promise to be there for me when there is emergency

You promise me!

But now you do this!

I am really upset and sad to end this relationship but I think I need to.

It kills me on the inside.

But I think its the best for us.

UOB LADY'S CARD, we shall end our relationship here. 

I still cannot believe you cost me to lose my entire bonus that I worked so hard for and still had no idea till I saw the freaking piece of paper called ----- "$x,xxx CREDIT CARD BILLS"!

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