Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random thoughts for the day

Hmmm... realise I haven't been blogging much this month. Guess, I have been really busy with work and my social life.

I went for a casting last week, and I didn't realize I could cry on spot! I guess that day I was in a better mood to act.

I think only when I am doing filming, it makes me alive and truly happy. I seriously wish I can act in a good independent film one day. Currently, I am only able to do commercial ads and prints, cause of my work. I love my job too, don't mistaken. Just that there is always a primary and a secondary. And acting is definitely my primary.

That doesnt mean that I am a good actress in my daily life. I learnt to act on screen and stage, but once I am off the filming or scene, I am myself. its hard because sometimes you are so engaged in the role, but its a good practice to differentiate.

Talking about this casting that I did, I was suppose to be a victim. Okay, that's normal. Cause I have victim look written all over my face. Most of the roles that I am casted in is either a vunerable victim, if not, a mother. Mother? yes thats right. I have no idea why. In what way do I look like a mother I have no idea. I think maybe a shotgun, young mother la.

I love films that allows me to have lots of emotions. hmm.. I was chatting with a friend about films. And we both happen to like Wong Kai Wai films.

My first film I ever watched in a cinema theater, was Ashes of Time.

Both my sisters was so freakingly bored by it that they fell asleep. I was the only one fascinated by it. Even though I was only like Primary 4, and did not understand the film fully, I was in love with the show.

Chung King Express and In Mood for Love are other films I love too!

Chung King Express, was supposedly the first of the unofficial trilogy starring Tony Leung, which also includes In the Mood for Love and 2046.

I find the humor of how Tony Leung in the film would talk to his household items intriguing, as if they felt his sadness when he broke off with his girlfriend.

He would ask his soap why has it lost weight, and that they should both buck up and get over her even though he misses her.

Enjoy a glimpse of the film if you have not watched.

 (P.S, I have taken those photos of the films online, if they are yours, and wish for it to be credited or removed. Just email me and I will do it accordingly. Thanks!)

Love, Ariel

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