Monday, March 14, 2011

Estee Lauder: Snow White and her 4 Helpers (Part 2)

Being a typical 20th century woman, its not easy being busy and yet have radiant skin and to maintain a fair skin. So a proper skincare product is what makes it possible!

In my previous post Snow White and her 4 Helpers (Part 1) , I mentioned that I was given 4 products from Estee Lauder to review.

My oh My!!! I simply love it!

Join me in my journey to having Snow White type of complexion!

So what kind of problems do most women faces?

An uneven hue across the skin that are lurking beneath the surface. Caused by hyper-pigmentation and led by an increased release of skin's histamine.

Dull spots on the skin resulting from melanin build-up in and around pore openings.

3) STUBBORN AGE SPOTS These are deeper, darker and larger spots that can form over decades of time caused by the degradation of skin's support structure in specific areas. When the support structure collapses over time, it may allow any excess amount of melanin to cluster, forming large areas of discoloration. Gasps!!!! 

Well, as what the categories suggests, it just keeps coming back!

What do we do now?????!!! I want to have my fair skin!!!!

Here is what Estee Lauder's New Cyber White Brilliant Cells aims to do:

This gentle, yet highly effective brightening system addresses every key factor that contributes to the overall dullness while every key dark spots is brightened, providing the skin with a transulent luminosity that seems to radiate from deep within.

Its been about 2 weeks or so, that I have been using the product range, I started with the Protector as I didn't want to shock my skin with the full range of the new products.

One of the biggest culprit that causes all the dark spots is of course having sun exposure. As we all know the ozone layer is depleting, the amount of UV rays is getting more and more damaging to our delicate skin. So what we need is a good product to protect!

My views....

Scent : Comparing it with many other UV protector, the Cyber White, Full Spectrum Brightening UV Protector, definetly wins hands down, because of the scent. In fact, all of the Cyberwhite product features the a scent that emobodies the purity, traquility and peacefulness of the color "white" It contains relaxing and calming notes to help reduce any stresses that the skin is experiencing. 

It has a floral smell that is distinct, which consist of white nuances of Iris, Rose and Muguet (Lily of the Valley).

Feel: It creates a smooth, matte base for make up to glide on. I love it that it doesn't have an oily feel. And I can apply it around my neck to protect as well. Most Sun Screen Protector is only suitable for the face, then what about my neck? Its also the most exposed area!!!

So what if you already have those dark spots problems? You definetly need a product that can solve your problems. Well, if you cant afford the full range, then I suggest that you try out the CyberWhite Brilliant Cells: Full Spectrum Brightening Essence. This is to be applied after your toner before your moisturizer. To apply AM and PM over the face and neck. 

It works like a spot specialist that brightens the 4 key dark spots. It aims to help the skin regain and maintain an unprecedented level of clarity, translucency and radiance.

My views....

Scent : As mentioned before the scent applies to all the products! I feel that sometimes it works for me like a perfume. hehe.

Brightness: Non oily, and it helps in the overall radiance. I was so busy last week, that one of the days, I rushed out and only applied Toner, CyberWhite UV Protector and the Essence. I totally forgotten about my make up and rushed to work. Surprisingly my colleague, said that I still looked radiant. haha.. it works!

So what can you do to get these fabulous products?

1) Turn up for the workshop!

At the event, you get to....

- Use the portable UV scope that I mentioned in my first post. Start identifying your problem then you can find the right solution for it! For all you know you are using the wrong products that are harming your skin more than helping it!

- Complimentary 3-Step demo (CW Lotion, Essence + Moisturizer)

- Hands on skincare cum Make up workshop.

Register now at Turn on Skin's Inner Light!

2) Vote for Ariel Leong 
 Stand a chance to win an Estee Lauder Product hamper worth  $200 in the weekly draw. 

 Click "Like" on Estee Lauder Facebook
Click on Vote!
And submit your details.  

3) Start playing the Brilliant Cells Game
Visit Brilliant Cells Game and start playing! You will get a free sample of the CyberWhite Brilliant Cells: Full Spectrum Brightening Essence when you register. (While Stocks Last). 

By playing the game, you can collect the full range of the virtual products by trading with your friends and WIN the actual full collection! 

Love, Ariel


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