Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 New Year Celebration with Tiger Beer!

On 31 Dec of every year, its the one time that everyone all around the world unite together to celebrate, other than World Cup. Whether you are in New York Times Square squeezing among people for a good spot in view of the sparkling fireworks, in Sydney celebrating in noisy club, in China having a nice warm family celebration eating and drinking with kids running around, in Malaysia lighting up fire crackers and partying with your friends, its just a time of celebration to welcome the new year!

Well, for me as mentioned I was given free tickets by Tiger Beer Crystal and Omy to hop onto the Ultimate NYE Tiger Bus to party and celebrate at the Marina Bay, Clarke Quay and Marina Barrage!

The trip started as early as 6pm, while the crowd were still strolling in. The bloggers met at the Tiger Crystal Dome in Clarke Quay, sampling the new Tiger Crystal. Honestly, I am not someone who drinks a lot, especially beer, but surprising, Crystal was light and refreshing, you almost couldn't taste the alcohol content, which is dangerous for me, as I would just keep on gulping non-stop.

I invited my close friend, who is also my god-brother, Terence, to this trip. Happy to see Timothy from the cruise, and met a new found friend, Geck, a sweet model blogger during this trip. Do support Timothy  in his recent cruise blogging contest. And also my friend, Cherie, hehe. I voted both la.

With a nice beer, you definitely will have a beautiful lady nearby.

The bloggers and their guests

                          Me and Bro                                                                                                                                                                 Me and Gek

As the night falls, you can enjoy the scenary and have a nice dinner while awaiting for the party to begin! 

Well, we were rushing to our next destination, Marina Barrage so we had to give a miss to Derrick Barry's superstar impersonation of pop princess Britney Spears and diva Lady Gaga direct from Las Vegas and many more entertainment!

While waiting for the Tiger Bus to arrive

Here it comes!!!! A 40 seater bus, that if I am not wrong, the only bus with the imprint of Tiger Crystal going around the 3 places tonight.

We were greeted by our cheerful Jason, who ensured that we reach our destinations on time.

Upon reaching Marina Barrage....

Coincidentally, we met Gek's friend who was selling the LED lights in a shape of horns that you can easily clip onto the hair.

At the second deck of Marina Barrage - Green Roof, people were already gathering near the stage enjoying life performances by dance groups, rock bands and the DJs of Power 98FM.

But what's most amazing was the landscape behind serving as a panoramic backdrop of Singapore for the stafe. You could see Marina Bay sands, Singapore Flyer, Esplanade and the high rise office towers. A truly beautiful sight.

Spotted another Tiger sampling outlet at Marina Barrage. It seems to me that people have no idea that they can actually have free drinks here. Okay not literally free, but well, get different friends to come and take la! haha.

While waiting for the fireworks, people have already started "camping there" for a good spot and to rest. Most of them actually brought food and kites to be entertained and wait for the clock to struck 12. A good and cheap way to bond with your friends and family, I say. 

Time seriously pass quickly. We were having quite a fun time watching the FM98 DJ cracking really entertaining and humourous jokes. One of them even invited Terence up on stage for a game but he rejected nicely as we were leaving very soon. Haha, if not he would be up there having to act a scene where he meets his love and run across the stage to find her... HAHAHA I would be laughing off my head man... Oh.. I must say I hope he truly finds his love this year, he waited long enough! Your little sis supports you, jia you Big Bro!!!

Boarding the bus to our finally destination, THE FLOAT @  Marina Bay

A crowd thronging towards Marina Bay Sands

At this point, I am really glad I was in the bus, if not, having to walk among all these crowd I would have been gone by now. Its really jostling and squeezing among people. Plus I am so short, hard to breathe among all the sweat and see where I am heading man...

My free ticket to The FLOAT@Marina Bay

I am SERIOUSLY hungry by this time. As you can see I am eating Tim's food while digging into mine. plus drinking Gek's Coke. MUAHAHAHA

Think this is the closest I can get to Tao Tze. Sob Sob!!

With special effects from the neon lights that flashes across the 20,000 floating spheres, which, if you look closely at spheres, were hand written with wishes by Singaporeans and friends from all walks of life, which they call it the Bay of Hope and Light.

You would think the water is lighted with gold.

 A well packed Marina Bay

Before settling down for a seat, we decided to have a drink at the Crystal Tiger beer's marquee, which was really crowded with people wanting a taste of the new drink and of cos, whats a party without Tiger beer, ya!

After finding a good spot to sit, we finally settled down and await the countdown. We were entertained by home grown artistes. Sylvester Sim ( whom I have no idea why he is wearing sunglasses when its already so dark, but he definitely looks better with his short hair than his "I can only see you with one eye" hair style; Queen Band, Jill-Marie Thomas, and hosted by Michelle Chia and Gumit Singh. And not forgeting my favourite, Tao Tze with his popular medleys and fast tracks. 

Cant see what he wrote?

Another of Gek's friend, who was really funny.

The people gathering opposite at the Helix bridge, wanting to capture the fireworks as well!

As all the hosts, singers, bands and everyone gathers for the moment that we all have been waiting for!! 
Good bye 2010!!! And HELLO 2011!!

Start the countdown!!!





May you be blessed with a great year ahead, and enjoy lots of pleasant surprises and many breakthroughs! 

Special thanks to Alvin from Omy and Alfred from Tiger Beer for the event.

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