Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Universal Studio

After being ill for 2 days since Friday. Monday (National Day)! I am finally better! Was really excited as RR had planned an exciting day... Haha we always argue who plan what and all. Haha I guess that's a common thing among couples. But he is after all, a better planner la. We had lunch at Thai express, eating his favourite mango sticky rice. Its also one of my favourite. Although, it had been raining the whole morning, but when it reach noon, it was bright and sunny. Good day to go to a themepark. Thank God!

 Although it was holiday, it wasn't crowded. That's good for us. Haha.

Me in New York!

Well, I am not really upset that the roller coaster ride was not open yet, cause I don't think I would dare to sit anyway, haha. So I didn't feel my trip wasted.
After the Sci-fi City, we entered Egypt!

Hmmm. I have no idea why he pose like that la!       

      Me and RR
I have been like cam whoring. and realise we haven't taken together. Haha...

Well Next we entered....

Well, you can guess, Its Jurassic Park!!!

Entering the Waterworld!!! Wont disclose too much.. for those who have not been in Universal Studio. :)

While waiting for people to come in, we camwhore a bit of cos

One of the cast pretending and sitting right behind us.

Next, we went for Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure! We queued for like nearly 2hrs. While queuing,I suddenly remembered that we should get the poncho first. But as we were queuing, we decided heck la, too late to get anyway. And we observed those who have finished the ride, hmm... seems quite fine leh. not really drenched. so we decided lets just go for  it. So we went on the ride. Lo and Behold! We ended up....



It was as though someone poured a pail of water all over us!!! Rookie mistake!
I was quite fine actually, as my clothes dried quickly, but poor baby, was wearing shoes and jeans... 

 Well, we were still having lots of fun!

 And Finally FAR FAR AWAY!!! But by the time we reached, it was almost closed. And we were damn tired. 

Finally, we ate lasagna at Loul's NY Pizza Parlor, it was closing already. So we hurried to eat, and we were given free buffalo wings, haha, it was still hot and tasty.

After eating, we quickly rushed down to Helix Bridge to catch a glimpse of fireworks. We were still in the train at 8pm.. Was wondering if we could still make it. Just as we stepped out of the MRT station, we caught the fireworks, and had a very good view of the beautiful lights and sparkles... Good thing we didnt drive. the road was blocked and traffic was jammed like crazy. hehe.. Our day ended pleasantly sweeten wit hot fries dipped in chocolate fudge at Macs. What a day for me! Hectic but at least fulfilling! Happy National DAY!!!