Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Voyage de la Vie (Must See!)

This is not to be missed!!!!! I love the show, it’s really awesome! Totally mystical and magical. You cannot predict what’s gonna happen next. My heart was thumping the whole time and excited for what is going to happen. Hehe, managed to get a complimenary tix. And I started to admire Jonathan Leong!! haha we are probably distant relative, we both have the same surname. He is really talented. I knew he won second for Singapore Idol 2008, and thought he was good but not this good when I watched the show. He is totally phenomenal.

The next cast that captured my attention. You noticed this young blonde boy who could contour his body like he has no bones to start with? He is Alexey Goloborodko from Russia. He is one of the finalists of a TV contest “Minute of Glory. Catch his performance below...

And the next character I love is .....
Viktor Kee from Ukraine

Another talented acrobat, I thought he could double up as a model.

He looks like my dance instructor from Oschool, Ryan. The distinct jawline and piercing eyes is really similar.
Both devoted to their passion and are in the arts.
Well, Victor Kee is also an internationally acclaimed juggler and circus artist.
Credits: Pictures of Victor Kee is taken from his website.

Be sure to catch this unforgettable show!