Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fruitful day!

I loved the message that Pastor A.R Bernard preached yesterday. Its about having a structure in life.

A person who is organized will always have an edge over those are disorganized.

After hearing this, I begin to reflect. I don't wish to be those that hear the word and allow the word to wither away, but I want to it be rooted in me. Thus, I decided to be a doer of the word. I started packing my room and started to reorganised my life's prority. wah sound so good right!

Well, I had a fruitful day!
Okay morning, I woke up abit late. And went to my first trial Burlesque Dance class in the noon. Oooo! I was really excited as it has been quite sometime since I dance. My shape now.. errr... abit off liao... haha and I love dancing.

Well, an introduction to BURLESQUE!
It is a unique blend of dance, striptease, humour and gimmick, one of the most popular entertainment in the 1930s through to the late 1950s.

Basically its quite new in Singapore, similar to exotic dance but a little more teasing and fun. Well, my dance instructor came in with corsett and she looks really sexy in it.

Anyway, there is a new movie coming up called Burlesque, starring Christina Aguilera, Cher and Kristen Bell. Something to look forward for, as its Christina's debut theatrical film and musical performance and Cher's "coming out of the mountain" perfomance. Well, doesnt matter that she has not been acting since a decade, with Academy, Emmy, 3 Golden Globe and People's Choice Awards under her belt, you can still expect good performance.

Check out the trailer!

Ya I know, quite a typical storyline, but who cares, with a good cast, I hope the show will be still good!

I enjoyed the class totally.

After that, went to shop for ingredients to cook my Fried Rice!!! Oooo!
I dont usually cook la, so its quite a "strike a lottery" kind of scenario, might happen but not frequent. I chose to cook Fried rice after I was given a free packet of Prime taste sauce from a show I watched the day before. You can guess... Fried rice paradise!

I managed to have free tix, so I went to watch with my collegues. The musical was passable. Guess, we have been pampered by international production, thus expecting more. Well, Support local production!

Do catch it, if you have the chance!

So after watching Taken (a fantastic suspense action movie) I took a nap.. Yes, i admit I am quite a pig.

Starting my cooking!!!!
I love cooking and whimping up dishes for people I love. But just too lazy everytime and I seriously not very confident to cook a full meal myself, so got my dad to help cook some side dishes.


Haha, okay its doesnt look that fantastic but I can assure you, its damn delicious. haha. Well, thats all.. really tired and I have to pack my room again...