Sunday, June 27, 2010


I am in serious dilemma, I have always been so easily losing faith in it. Wonder why is it that i can put so much faith in other things but just not in this. If only, there is such a thing as a mirror of future, then I wont be put in such dilemma, I have pass the houses so many times, wonder when should be the right time to finally settle in the right house. Why do people after living in the house for 5, 10. 20 years decide to leave the house. I begin to fear I would do that or someone else in the house would do that. Yes, I think I should just trust in the Lord to help me make the right decision. I am so puzzled at myself sometimes, why cant i be more decisive and make right decision. I just want to escape for the moment, waiting for the right sign to make the right decision. God please help me. I cant do this alone.