Monday, June 21, 2010


Last Saturday, I went to have dinner with RR at The Railway mall. I am staying in North-East, so for me anywhere in the West is always a new ground for me to explore. I have read about this place, but didn't have the chance to go there. Hehe, so he brought me there to have our dinner after service.

Its a great place to chill out at night, a stretch of eateries for you to choose from. Good thing we drove, as I felt that it was quite inaccessible without driving. Opposite the eateries, you can actually see the railway tracks. I have read about the place called Hooked!, its outlet at Upper Thomson closed down, thus I think here is the only branch, Not sure if its because we were there late, not convenient or because people rather go somewhere with the LCD screen to watch football. But we had the restaurant all to ourselves. haha. We have practically "booked" the whole place! The food was excellent, but I felt the cost slightly steep. The place serves anything that is fishy as the name suggests.

Delicious Tom Yam Seafood Soup
The soup is not very spicy and serving is good enough but you must add side dishes with extra cost for the rice. But the Tom Yum was really quite yummy.

Pan Seared Snapper

The mustard wild mushroom sauce is really awesome! I love the mushroom too, soft and delicious. And not forgetting brocolli that is good for the skin. ;) You can choose Snapper or Garoupa . I added with Spicy Linguine, and it was well cooked. Not too hard or soft. Just nice to my liking. plus the spiciness adds the flavour.

Hooked! By Punch
Well, this is a ladies' drink. The taste is delicate and cooling, with longans & cherries to add little pleasure to the drink. I love it!  

Waffles with Ice Cream
Lastly, dessert to complete the meal.

 A splendid meal! Happy and full!

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