Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A BIG change

Have you ever at one point of life, wanting to change everything you have. Your looks, status, finance, relationship, family, friends, yourself, well basically everything. Yupz I believe we all have been through that phase. So we have people going to plastic surgery, changing boyfriends, leaving homes, going overseas in hope to find new light to face your current situation, renovating house, buying new trend of clothes to look different, cutting hair. Well, the truth is every day, every minute, every second, something is in the change. Someone once said before, the only constant thing in life is change. even your looks is in the change, just that its getting older. Well, the truth is situation is not gonna change, except your perspective about things, cause thats the only thing in your control. We cant change the air, the people we detest or love, the friends, family and it goes a long list. we can only be very sure, we can change ourselves to be better. Well, I assume we are all going towards the better, I supppose? Anyway, I am having a huge plan to change myself. Nope not anything fake, but beginning the regime of things. Hope I can do it. wait, I meant I know I can do it! Going for the new me!!! Thats time but at least I am starting!

First thing first: Excercise! Well I know I always say that, in fact many people say but didnt do. So only the ones that prevail against the devil named Laziness and Procrastination, have their hard bods and firm butts does indeed look better and healthier. I want to be that! It takes 21 days for a new habit to be established and 90 days to be deeply engrained in the subconscious. So now to start planning and implementing it!