Sunday, June 20, 2010

The A-Team

This week, I had a really stressful week and guess it would get worse. I was really touched that RR made great efforts to make my weekend better. And indeed it was. When I was really stressed on friday, and had to stay back alone to finish some stuff, I was really happy that he came down all the way to meet me after my work. Though we had a slight tiff, but all was well.

We watched The A-Team! It was really an awesome show! Apparently, it was a show that was a popular TV Series in 1983-1987, that was like when I was still baby la! Its like what we have now Sex and the City, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, 90210, and recently Glee!.

Well, the team is made up of 4 leads.
Hannibal Smith played by Liam Neeson
Faceman played by Bradley Cooper, to whom I think he is hot but has an unfaithful face, haha probably  because of his character in "He's just not into you".
B.A which means "Bad Attitude" played by Quinton Jackson
H.M which means "Howling Mad" played by Sharlto Copley

They are the elite team in the US Army and was tricked into particpating a case that requires them to retrieve money plates that has been used to print fake money. As they were set up, they were imprisoned and stripped of their ranks. They had to find a way to clear their names.

Wow! If you want Action, Adventures, Dudes, Babes, Lots of Laughter, and lots of twist and turns in storyline,  you've got to watch it! I think the whole theatre was laughing so loudly, despite us watching a late night movie. I had a great laugh, and suddenly all the stress and problems disappeared! thanks baby!