Sunday, July 31, 2011

My first fashion blog post


There are many blogshops out there right now......  But for us ladies, there is never too many. We always want to be spoilt for choice. I, for one, choose only those that give the best service and quality. Afterall, you pay hard-earned money for your clothes. Here is one that I frequent. Ever since my friend recommended me this blogshop, there has been no turning back. I was impressed by the design of their beautiful and easy-to-navigate website, and of cos their model Pei Ling is gorgeous.

But more importantly, I liked their clothes. I particularly liked their recent Gucci-inspired collection. It came just in time for a wedding I had to attend recently. Plus, it works as office-wear as well!

So what's so great about this blogshop?

Design and Quality
So far, I've bought at least 1 outfit from every collection that they have launched. I guess you can say I'm their loyal customer! :) They have their own designs that I've not seen elsewhere. Simple and suitable for most occasions. I wore the Toga Dress in Jewel Blue, for instance, to the office; and later to a wedding on the same day; and even pulled it out for a date I had today. I love how it's so versatile!

The Lycra material of the dress is comfortable and elegant. It feels like silk and it stretches to fit one's body shape. I like how Agneselle's designs accentuate the bodyline and enhances my curves! I shortened the length as it was a little too long, haha yes 'cos I am petite.


Design and Quality 
This office dress is made of similar material as the first outfit, and I like how its folded waves make me look super slim and also accentuates my curves. There is an underlining so it won't be too transparent, and as long as you wear nude color lingerie, it will look fine. The length of this dress was perfect on me.

I typically match it with fiery hot red nail polish, and corporate shoes. Just like that, I am ready for work!

I have been visiting Agneselle for the past 4 mths and I'm pretty satisfied with their service. Sometimes the back order waiting period can be a little long, but I guess that's how it goes. I have a blogshop myself, and I know that back orders can take quite a while to fill.

Overall, I enjoy shopping at AGNESELLE .  Looking forward for their next collection! :)

After reading some magazines and books, I've been inspired to write more about fashion, so do look out for my upcoming posts.

Special thanks to JJ for taking such beautiful pics . :)

Love, Ariel

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