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Marie France Bodyline (Part 2) - facing the Truth about yourself

Before reading on, please take just 29 seconds to watch this video (it's funny, I promise!)

This situation is definitely not foreign to many of us ladies when we take photos.  Oh, how many a time I've had to pause the person taking the photo in order to desperately suck in my breath and tuck in my stomach the best I can! Then, while holding my breath, I'll have to squeak out with my last, dying breath- "okay, can take now..." (btw: this is not easy.)

Or when I do a quality check on the photo that's been taken, and have to tell my friend the bad news: "aiya, why you take until my tummy can see?? take again!!" Yes, if in doubt, your friend or the cameraman is always the one at fault. not your tummy. hahahaha, yes, I have done that! I've also gracefully (some would say 'frantically') photo-shopped all my photos to destroy all evidence of my lack of working out and my passionate feasting habits.

Been there, done that, guilty as charged, all of the above.

That's me.

As we get older and time starts stealing some of our youthful charm, this issue becomes more important. Well, maybe some can live without ''quality checks". These people are not bothered, and looking good is never an issue for them. But I personally want to age beautifully. We cant deny the fact that we will get old: Qin Shi Huang showed us long ago that there is no such thing as Elixir of Life. So instead I'll settle for second best: aging beautifully.

If you are 18, that's great! Enjoy the spring of your life, but also start reading up and exploring the beauty products and habits that can help you to cultivate and retain your radiance and charm. By the time you reach 27 (like me), then it's just a little bit too late. The bad eating, makeup and working out habits that you've 'maintained' over the past 9 years are slowly acccumulating, and are going to come back and haunt you. Yes, I speak from personal experience.

If you are 25, well, you are a young-adult-soon-to-be-old-adult. This is the age your metabolism starts slowing down and of course your skin starts to show signs of aging. Okay, this is true for women in general. If you have damn good genes, then you might still be effortlessly enjoying your flawless skin and good figure. But I am not talking about you. Please stand one corner. *jealous*. Oh well, if you are like me, who enjoys average genes, you still need to take care and maintain. And even more radical action may be needed if you are not satisfied with your figure.

Even you are 35 and above, fret not, you can still have a good figure. Just take a look at Carina Lau, Michelle Yeoh and of course the spokesperson of Marie France Bodyline - Christy Chung. *drool* Of course most ladies are not like that, but these celebrities show that it can definitely be done.

Well, the bottomline is, you need to take action to look the best you can be! I always feel good when I am happy with what I see in the mirror.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am glad I've been slim since young. But I'm NOT glad about having a TUMMY.

So I was really glad when and Marie France Bodyline picked me to try out their product.

Having never consulted a professional before, I was really curious - Does it work?? Lets put it to the test.....

(As of this post, I've visited Marie France twice.)

Every time I visit Marie France, I am greeted with their super amiable staff. Its a nice and warm feeling. Its like going to salon for a haircut. These are professionals who are trained to make you look GOOD! How awesome is that? Sometimes I prefer self help because I feel paiseh to ask for assistance, but the ladies at Marie France are as friendly and professional as can be. Yay!


We were first briefed about what the process was going to be. All of us were different, Ms Marie France told us, and we would each be undergoing tailored programmes suited to our individual needs.

Marie France has only ONE ultimate aim and that is to walk with you throughout this journey towards obtaining your best bodyline. And I don't just mean slimming down. They want to help you attain a bodyline that accentuates your feminine curves. But one important fact they highlighted is that they will also ensure that you know how to maintain it too, which I will share in my next post. (eh, when you're 27-going-on-to-37 like me, maintenance is crucial ok!)

After the briefing, we were each brought to......

Yes... the dreaded WEIGHING MACHINE!!!
And this is not just any simple machine. Its a Body Composition Anaylzer, which is able to detect your fat mass (which measures the quantity of oily white substances in your body). It can also analyze your muscle-fat composition; as well as your fat distribution. Yes, you heard me right! Fat distribution! It basically tells you exactly where your fats are "residing".

The key meaurements are:

Percent Body Fat: which is calculated by (Fat Mass / Body Weight X 100%)
                           Normal value for men is 15% and for women is 23%
                           Mine is ....23.7 %

Fat Distribution: Normal value for men is 0.80, and women is 0.75 
                            Mine is....... 0.81

Physical Fitness Score: 100points is ideal
                                        Mine is ......71points (considered good given my total lack of exercise! haha)

So overall I am quite alright, except that they have detected some fats at the tummy, and a little at the arms. The consultant explained that they will be working on allocating my fats to the right places. All women know that some fat at the right places is great *wink*... And of course to bring down the fats at my arms and tummy. 

You might be wondering: do I even have fats?? Well... below is a photo that might shock you! Hehe, it's all about concealment...

Disclaimer: Photo above is not photo-shopped. 


Yes, I did it.. I revealed one of my darkest secrets. But yes, I need to acknowledge that I no longer want to be like the lady in the video. I rather not suck in everytime I wear some body hugging dress, hipster shorts or when I take photos. So its time to do something!

Enjoy one free slimming trial!! Just log on here. Marie France Bodyline Free Trial

Visit their website for more details: Marie France Bodyline. You can also contact the friendly Marie France ladies on Facebook.

Love, Ariel

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