Sunday, July 17, 2011

Movie Music

Long before Jolin Tsai with her music movie: Agent J album and Jay Chou's 夜的第七章 (Twilight's Chapter Seven), with some of their album's songs combine in a short movie , the Koreans have already launch their version of extended music video which had proven to be a hit among the young generation. Here are some of my favorites. It's like watching a movie with great music and more importantly, movie in bite-size. 


Because I'm a Girl
(you might need to increase volume)

As of today, I only have one favourite Korean band, and that is SG Wannabe. They are a popular South Korean ballad trio (Kim Yong Jun , Kim Jin Ho, and Lee Seok Hoon).

They are very different from the current boy bands you have now, as they do not dance nor use special technical music advancement like American funk, nor dependent on great dance moves or great abs and gimmicks to woo their crowds. Just with their mesmerizing voice and talented music compose.

I managed to chance upon them when I was searching online for a Korean actor whom I think has great performances in many of the shows I watched. Not your usual handsome Korean heartthrob, but a man whom I think has great substance in performance. And he (Lee Beom Sum), happened to be cast in some of SG Wannabe's greatest music movies. Both the movies I felt had great cinematography and though a storyline that is quite cliche, but beautifully displayed and filmed.

Here are some of those I think is not to be missed.

The Precious History 

ARIRANG (아리랑) 
One of the songs in the album, Sentimental Chords. An album that became the best selling album in Korea in 2007. The song uses the Korea's classical instruments, which I guess, because of the meaning behind the word. 

The original version of Arirang is one of Korean Traditional folk song, reflecting one's sadness towards love and nation, holding the meaning of a sudden leave of someone. One of Korean's oldest song sung by its people. There are many versions, but mostly have the same lyrics and melancholy feel. 
Although this song that was sung by SG wannabe is not the same as the Arirang traditional folk song, they used the same title to express their song.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Hope you have enjoyed!

Love, Ariel

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