Thursday, July 21, 2011

Greenie Pok in Malacca

Introducing a new member in my blog...... 

First Name: Greenie 
Last Name: Pok

Why his name? Cos he is GREEN and he is a CURRY POK. 

He has his own personality.   

He likes to sleep, eat and laze around which would be very evident if you hang around long enough to witness. 

He is a keychain. But he never despises his birth as a keychain. Cos he believes a key chain brings life to the bag/ handphone or even a camera.

He also likes to be noticed, this could be because of him being a keychain. 

He doesn't talk much, but smiles all the time.

During my recent trip to Malacca, I brought him along.

Greenie Pok enjoying the ride to Malacca!

Greenie Pok at Teahouse

Greenie Pok at study table

Greenie Pok checking out the bathroom of the hotel
and looking satisfied
Greenie Pok too tired to walk

 Greenie Pok @ Beizhan Restaurant for his lunch

Greenie Pok sitting by the Malacca river

 where is greenie?

Greenie Pok by the fountain @ Casa Del Rio Melaka

Greenie Pok enjoys his walk

Greenie Pok reading @ Geographer's Cafe

 Greenie Pok waiting for more food!

 Greenie Pok too full!

Greenie Pok at the police station..........outside

Greenie Pok on a cow

 Greenie Pok eating the famous rice balls.

 Greenie Pok tasting the durian chendol
 Greenie Pok by the windmill

 Greenie Pok drinking  leisurely @ Eha

And finally, as the sun sets.... Greenie Pok sits by the river @ Portuguese Settlement.

 Greenie Pok thinking.....

Love, Ariel

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