Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What the heck?

Its been a while since I blogged. Oh well, have been a little busy with my personal life, work and enrichment. This post is just a random ranting of the little things I got frustrated with. As what someone said that I have an anger quota to meet.. haha.. maybe he is right.

Rant no. 1: I lost my thumbdrive. 
My collegues were all warning me not to buy it as it was super tiny. And being a scatterbrain girl, I tend to misplace things. But I was pretty insistent and bought it anyway. And lo and behold I lost it. Sigh. It was 8Gb! Thank goodness I have not stored much personal photos. Or I would be even more worried. But I really loved it.
Rant no. 2. Please give up you seats for the pregnant lady!
I recently had a conversation with some of my friends. 2 of them are young mothers now. And they are super cool and hot mama la! Haha, hope next time I can be like them. They were sharing about some difficulties that they faced when they were pregnant, especially at the MRT train, when people just refuse to give up their seats to them. 

I am getting a little indignant about this.
When a woman is fully pregnant, she is carrying the weight of another human being of 12 kg. And its not as if she can remove it and put it on the floor like how we can unload of our heavy laptop and shopping bags on the floor. She has to carry it NO MATTER WHAT. Some guys complain about carrying heavy stuff for their girlfriends, then move your ass and understand how heavy it is for the pregnant woman! 

But this is not just about the man, talking about it, I had an encounter with this man who flew from the other corner, and stepped on my foot just so he could sit on the freaking chair in front of me, that I was slowly getting to sit on. Talk about gentlemanly behavior, he almost ignite that roaring tigeress in me, ready to whip out my claws and pounced on him! ROARRRRRR!

Well, its not just about the men, but its the ladies too! Or I should say younger girls. As what the old uncle said, "all these xi gina, dont know how to be considerate." 

It doesnt mean that they are younger means they should be ignorant. Haven't the sign put "for those who needs it"

And this doesnt applies to those are heavily pregnant, as long as she is pregnant, the basic courtesy is to give up the seat for her. Even if you mistaken a fat lady for being pregnant, (this is to be excercised with discretion la), its better to mistaken than miss it. 

Talking about this, leads me to the next point, of the recent news on a HSBC staff refusing to give up his seat for an old man. 

I had a little chat with my friends about how some old people demand to have the seats give up for them, we sometimes feel reluctant to give up, but if you ask me, whether or not they are nice or not nice, we should still give up. They are old for goodness sake! Asking an old uncle or auntie to stand for long hours its really very uncomfortable. Cant we extend a little kindness? Are we this calculative that only if you are an old and nice auntie or uncle, or when you ask me nicely, then I would give up my seat? The signs says it all? Haven't it? Or is the picture not clear enough?

I have no idea what the uncle's intention was when he connived and took photo of him, post it on FB and sent a letter of complaint to HSBC, like HSBC is his mother who is responsible of his upbringing. Oh well, I guess he is either bitter and a scheming person, or he realised this is a social problem, that people are ignoring the purpose of the sign, and just wanted justice done. Whatever the reason may be, I still think, the guy should give up the seat. Because he definitely needs it more than him and he was suay suay sitting at the seat with the sign, so he should give up. 

Rant no. 3: I am angry for being a person who can't make up her mind in certain things. I wish I would dare to be daring. Maybe having lost something cos me to fear to gain and lose it again. I am in quite a dilemma. Can I just forget everything and go ahead with what heart tells me or I should go with what my head logically and rationally tells me. I am confused. I am dumbfounded. I choose to escape. Anyway, there will come a time I will not be able to tolerate and make a decision. More often than not, its to run away completely. which I fear its always the worst decision. Cant talk about it now, wanting to leave it aside for a while.

Will be posting on some light hearted stuff again.. FOOD!!! Its from an Shanghainese restaurant. As I am still awaiting to retrieve my pics, please bear with me.

Love, Ariel

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