Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Thank You, A Welcome and An Encouragement Note

That's it, the people has voted. The mandate has been read.

Well, here is a closure to the election and the beginning of a new era.

Since I have not written any comments nor talk about the election before May 7, here is one that is after. I wish to write something before, but I decided not to, as I was still in deliberation of where my stand was. It was a hard choice, given that I in the district that was very much talked about, a result that has great effect on the nation. Every vote counts.

So here is a note to the Past MPs, the New MPs and Miss Tin Pei Ling.

Dear Mr George Yeo and team,

Thank you for your hard work all these years, it has been a great honor to have you served the residents of Aljunied GRC. Your efforts are evident and the result of your effort are indisputable. Thank you especially to the two ladies, Miss Cynthia Phua and Mrs Lim Hwee Hua, and on behalf of my mum who had encounters with you when she was facing some difficulty, you have lend your listening ear and stretch your hand to help.

As a resident here for years, I have seen its changes since your team took over in 2006. And I have seen the teams' efforts of reaching out to the residents and making it a more homey and welcoming place with countless activities and detailed considerations to our increasing elderly folks in this district. A definite vast difference from the previous PAP team.

Though I have not participated in any of the activities organized by the PAP, but I do feel the vibrancy in the area from all the activities and family outings created.

You have done well. And I hope you will continue to serve in other ways and not be disheartened of the loss but embrace the new phase of your life.

Thank you very much Mr. George Yeo and Team.


Dear Mr Low Thia Kiang and Team,

I welcome you and your team to our district, it has been a tough walk and I applaud you and your teams' courage and determination. But its only the beginning.

Though you have won this election, but its equally marginally as it is in the last election. It also means if the people can change their minds and vote for you this year, they may also sway and vote for PAP in the next election.

I would say that the people here are seriously putting on high stakes here, given that you and your team has not promise nor spoke with conviction of what you were going to do in this district and a loss of a team of outstanding and dedicated MPs and also probably the future comfort of new plans that the other districts would be able to enjoy ahead of us. All that, we, voters have in mind is for the nation's sake.  

I am greatly impressed and moved by your speeches and your team's strategies and it does prove your creditability to lead the people to a place of what you called "A First World Parliament"  Though, I have my doubts, but I guess now we have 5 years to prove this motto, so I am willing to go along with a little faith here.

Since the mandate has been read, the people in Aljunied is in the same boat with you for the next 5 years. May it prove to the right choice and that Singapore truly progress to better governance.


Dear Mrs Tin Pei Ling,

I would like to write this encouragement letter to you.

Maybe because you are representing the young generation in PAP, sorry to say, though I seriously do not think you deserve to be there, but I guess the verdict is announced that we would need to be forced to put a little trust here. So instead of complaining that you in the team, we can only embrace it with graciousness and mercy.

I hope at this point, you would have realized that you have won not because you were good. Cos the votes have spoken, even with Mr Goh, your team has won by a margin of 6%. It proves that people would rather have your whole team down and forgo Mr Goh, a man well respected by Singaporeans throughout, then to have you in it.

If you have thought you were safe now since your team won and you can happily collect your $15,000, I think this letter is redundant to you.

However, if you have some conscience and love for people, then we would still give you our respect. It is not easy for a young girl like you to withstand such pressure. You may be dragged into this whole thing and be constantly criticized and hated by many. I hope you would become stronger and learn from it. Forget the past of how people tease you with kate spade and the youtube videos of you saying"dont know what to say" or being criticized for blindly agreeing with whatever the PAP does. I hope you would grow from it and would prove to us that you know what to say in the next interview posted to you.

Even if you do not know how to handle politics, then, I beseech you to use your heart to handle every situation. If you have the heart for the people and Singapore in mind, no matter how difficult the situation or politics will be, it would never go wrong. And people will feel it.

Nicole Seah has lost in the election, but if you ask me, she has won hands down. And she is the ultimate winner, in the Marine Parade GRC, because in any politics, the hearts of the people also equates to power. But I think you can learn a thing or 2 from her, as the Chinese proverbs says, 知己知彼, 百战百胜. If we are all so pompous to think that our enemy's ideas and strategies are irrelevant especially one who can increase the votes from 0 to 59,833 to vote for the team, and thousands of "likes" in facebook, that's a huge mistake, I think there is something for everyone to learn from. She speaks with her heart.

So I have 3 words for you -  Humility, Love and Courage.

Humility to keep learning
Love for the people &
Courage to withstand all.

Well, that's all. Oh, and maybe next election, can you upgrade and buy LV instead, seems more A-Tas. (just kidding) All the best, Miss Tin.

Love, Ariel

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