Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Strange man No. 2

"113!" I cried out the bus number under my breathe and ran after the bus. "Shit! Am I gonna be late?" I decided to give it a shot.

And yes, I manage caught the bus, and walking to the back of the bus, I chose my favourite seat. And there was a man was sitted behind me. I tidied my hair and tried to settle down proper, when at the corner of my eye, I spotted a hand reaching for my shoulder. I got a fright and stared at the man behind.

"I said excuse me already, you don't have to be so afraid. I said excuse me."

The fact was that I had my ear phones on and my music blasted with my hip hop songs, I couldnt hear a single word.

And he continued, "I said excuse already. oh never mind."

I replied, " Oh I had my earphones on."

He: Can you stop playing you hair?"

Me: "huh? but I wasn't playing my hair."

And he muffled some stuff, and finally said, "never mind..."

I thought to myself, hmm... is it he thinks that when I flip my hair, even in distance away, particles from my hair would reach to him and cause fleshing eating virus to infect him? Or he thinks my hair has magical power that would cause leprosy on him. Oh that when I flipped it, there will be airborne bacteria that would cause him faint and die on spot.

Wow!!! I am quite powerful leh! If only that is true, I would definitely want to try it on him.

In the end, I didnt want argue with him, and sat at another seat. Didn't want to be a bitch in the morning and ruin my day. :) I just flipped my hair.

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