Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to get million viewership on Youtube!

As a fervent fan of Youtube, basically to view MVs, movie trailers, interviews, and such. However, there are many a time, I really wonder how some videos get to have over MILLIONs viewership? Its not as if they have a serious message to convey, in fact, its the exact opposite. Probably because you would think, "aiya, only 25 seconds, so should be quite okay," But you are wrong, once you click, you would realise you have wasted 25 seconds of your life. 

Well, here are my picks of this strange phenomenon. In range of the strangest to the least strange.

NUMBER  1 : The Nooki Nooki girl 
Viewership: 150 million and still increasing. Yes, you have just added to the number.

Reason for the high viewership: I can only explain that because the thumbnail is so small that many people thought she is naked, okay that's what I thought and I clicked it. And after viewing, I thought she was quite cute, so I told my friend and she also clicked it. hahah and now when I write on my blog so more people read and click it. Muahaha.

NUMBER 2:  Annoying Orange

I was introduced to Annoying Orange by my collegues after they impersonated annoying orange's expression. After watching like 2 -3 episode, I really have no idea how it hit 48 millions viewership. I guess its a comic relief during a stressful day at work. What I do not like is its the yellow teeth of orange. They have made so much viewership that they have website of its own and selling Tshirts and others. Fantasic marketing. I wonder if any SIngaporean can come up with it. maybe Tau huey zui and gang?

3) NUMBER 3: Baby bit my finger
Viewership: 276 million viewership
Yes its just the little baby biting the finger of the brother. My guess is because the baby is cute? Other than that i really have no idea man.

NUMBER 4 : Another cute baby video
Viewership: 158 million

NUMBER 5: Bodybuilder poses biceps
Viewership: 89 million
Comment: Super hilarious!!! I think you can just watch the first few seconds, if not, you would find it appalling by his narcissism.

Number 6: Video Stroboscope of the Vocal Cords
Viewership: 83 million
Comments: Yes, you clicked on it because you thought it was a "cough, cough" virgina.
Do read the comments, it's freaking funny!

Number 7: I dont like Mommy
Viewership: 64 million
Comments: What can I say, I really dont know.

You never know that the random things in your life may just be the very interesting thing that millions out there are interested in. haha!

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