Saturday, February 5, 2011


A well written calligraphy by Xin Chen. It depicts well of a family with the roundness of the word and the thickness and richness of the brush style. Just like a family with wholesome warmth and fullness of love. Calligraphy, one of ancient finest art that is still popular in modern days. I seriously should think of putting a fine calligraphy in the house.

Celebrated with my family on 除夕 as well as my mum's birthday. A tradition that runs, where all families have a reunion dinner together. I am thankful for this dinner, though we are missing one person for the past years, but we had a new addition this year and that is my brother-in- law! Hopefully we can have another addition next year, either a little baby or for my parents another son-in-law. HAHAHa. I really wish to have a little nephew. So I am praying hard for my sister.

Had dinner at Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant at Carlton, yes, I am a Cantonese that can only speak simple words. Trying to learn. My aunt always speaks to me in Cantonese on purpose, and I wont be able to fully understand. Okay I shall really try harder this year. Added it to my resolution.

I contemplated whether I should put my family photos here. As I am quite private about my family, but I really like this years celebration and photos. So I shall put up for the first time - my family.

At Wah Lok restaurant. As usual, all chinese restaurants are crowded and full packed with families hungry and chatty. Reservation must be made at least 1 and half - 2mths before, if not, its really hard or impossible to get seats. Actually my favourite place to eat is at home with nice steamboat and bbq. Love it when we all cook together and feast. Shall try that next year.

We waited quite a while for the first dish to arrive, so I had time to take photos. hehe.

After waiting for like a hungry 15mins, our first dish finally arrive!

Yeah!!! seeing food makes me happy again. hehe, ya I am quite a easily satisfied girl. give me food, and I am happy! :)

All ready to lau!!! HUAT AH!!!!
The family beside us had like 10 over people but their table was so quiet, even when they were lau'ing, you couldnt hear a single word. Whereas my table, with the strength of 7 people was as noisy as 10 people, haha, ya its all about prophesying good things!!!

Let blessings and happiness be overflowing in the family and prosperity to be with us wherever we go, and most importantly may God have favor upon us!

Our second dish 
Braised Shark's fin with canopy & Golden Mushroom
It was delicious and a good amount of sharks fin. Unlike many places, they serve a meager amount. Not sure what you call it, too mild to be called gravy and too heavy to be called soup, whether the base is called, it was delectable.

Braised Pig's Shank with Mushrooms & Vegetables 

The presentation of the food was satisfactory. I didnt eat too much of this, as I do not favor too much of pig's meat and the oily gravy, but it was tasty though.

Sauteed Prawns with Celery
Ooooo.... the prawns was indeed chewy and bouncy.. hehe. mixed with the lightness of the celery, makes it a good dish to be served after the heavy taste of the Braised Pig's shank.

Deep-fried Sea Perch
One of my favorite dish of the day, the fish meat was pure white, sparkling under the light and the freshness makes it melt in your mouth added with the crispiness to make it mouthwatering.

Teochew Style Soup Rice

This dish was totally redundant. I only ate a little. It was so bland but I guess it was good for my parents and my aunties, who were all seeking healthy diet.

Red Dates with Dumplings

Sugar-coated pastries that looks just appetizing!

Yes, yes, I am holding the chopsticks the wrong way, I do know how to hold it the correct way but it has been a habit, I usually hold it correctly in the presence of guests but today its family, so I am allowed to be myself!

Feeling all blissful after eating a scrumptious meal!!!
And me taking my snake skin bag for the new year season. Love it alot. Go take a look at  


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