Saturday, October 30, 2010

Never been so sick

What a week for me. Staying in bed all day long. It all started probably last week. I gotten the flu bug from my mum. She is quite strong for her age despite her love to eat junk food and overnight dishes. We have told her to stop eating those overnight food but i guess all mums are the same thinks its wasteful. Anyway, she caught the flu virus and was very ill. I helped by buying her food and etc. I caught it as well. I was still able to go to work for at least 2 days. But on the third day, my health gave way. I refused to eat medicine for my flu as I chose the western way by letting the body fight the bacteria. And indeed it did, on the third day, I was almost completely healed of my flu but ended up with vomiting and high fever of 38.6 degree celsius.

I have written a post of my discrimination against young male doctors. I still do and even more affirmative now. I was seriously sick by this time. after vomitting twice and LS twice, I couldnt eat anything. having high fever and feeling faint. I was desperate for a doctor. I would usually go to Dr Lim and Chan Clinic, but as its always filled with people but I decided to try my luck. As usual, it was "bustling" with patients. Anyway, I went to try my luck at the 24hr clinic, hoping it would be the older doctor on duty. He is quite good at his diagnose and always gives me medicine that would heal within the day. But lo and behold!!! Its the young male doctor again. MY oh MY! you can imagine my disappointment. I totally mark this man! Why, you might ask. if you have not read my previous post. I feel his diagnose is always wrong, charges expensively, imagining other illness that you have. I really do not like this doctor. But I have no choice. I cant afford to wait. I needed medicine now. I shall give him another chance to prove me wrong. And true enough he didnt fail to charge me even more expensive, and this time at $79.00! And best, he says I might have urine infection and ask me to pass out some so he could check. After he checked, he says he found some bacteria and indeed it is urine infection. How am I suppose to know if he is right! Sigh never mind. I shall go home and eat the medicine and see how. maybe after so long, he might have improved in his skill. *looking at the medicine suspiciously*

I went home, ate medicine and slept.

Thursday morning, okay so far. but I still feel nausous and my stomache was still painful.. I decided to go to Dr Lim and Chan, as I still do not trust the doctor. Thank God, I timed myself rightly, and was the first patient, my dear sister visited me during her lunch break and sent me there. *touched*. but she couldnt stay as she got to go back for work. I felt strong enough and told her i am fine i can go home myself. But my dad also called to say he would come to meet me during his breaktime and fetch me home, I felt really touched when they fussed to send me back from clinic. I was served by Dr Chan, a male doc, but he is an old man, so i think still quite safe la. I preferred Dr Lim, the female doctor, she is a very strange lady but she is really good and has been the neighbourhood doctor for more than a decade or two, I think. But she has a way of comforting you. I suppose Dr Chan should be her husband as he is as weird as her but possess an aura that comforts you. He diagnoses it as gastric flu. Well, who am I suppose to believe now? But he only charges me $22!!!!! can you imagine!!!!

Thank goodness my dad insisted on coming to the clinic from work to send me back. I fainted at the table while waiting for him buy food back. And when I awoke, I vomited but as i did'nt eat anything since morning, I could'nt vomit anything out.

I came home, ate the new medicine and slept. Halfway through, I was shivering and got worse, I was shivering as though it was winter and covered myself with a jacket and 2 comforter but to no avail. I shivered for about 30mins and broke into high fever again. After eating fever medicine, I slept and finally, it subsided. At one point I was so weak as I haven eaten anything for almost 1and half day. I couldnt even lift my head or hand, my sister had to feed me. She took time off hearing that I was very ill. *once again very touched* I ate only bread and which was soaked in milo. Upon eating the second doctor's prescription, I was able to walk and and eat better. Conclusion..... the young male doctor has failed me yet again!

Fri morning, I vomited again, but still ate the medicine obediently. It was to be taken every 4 hrly and caused drowsiness, so I ate, rest, ate, rest. The whole day was spent like this. But by nightfall, I was feeling much better. I am still feeling nauseous and giddiness every now and then but decided to take plenty of rest hopefully I would be better soon. Sigh, think I might need to give the Halloween event a miss. I have never attended a Halloween party in my life and was truly looking forward to it this sunday. But given my condition, have to think thrice. Hopefully I would be better by tonight.