Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Young Doctors

There is one thing I do not like when I am in a clinic. Coughing badly, feeling feverish and cold with the aircon blasting at you and other patients looking as sickly can be, all these didn't bother me! It is in fact when I enter into the room to see the doctor who, by sterotypically suppose to end all my problems turned out to be a young chap with spectacles staring innocently at you, with a caption above his head that has the word screaming "Inexperienced!" I met this doctor before. A young man always eager to meet his next patient, trying damn hard to make me feel comfortable by asking me what I am currently working as. Ello! I already said I had sore throat. I showed that I was least interested to reply his questions. okay, maybe he was just trying to strike a conversation since no one has been talking to him since he started his shift. I had a really bad impression of him. It all happen when we first met......

 I went to see a doctor to ask for pills to prevent having my auntie visiting as I was to go Phuket in a few days time, and was about time to have my "ahem", and he told me to take the pills for 2 times a day. I was like, what? okay fine and that there is side effects to taking this pills. Fair enough. when I was at the reception, the nurse passed my medicine, and i saw to take 3 times a day? I asked the lady, "hi, i would like to ask, the doctor told me not to take more than twice, but now its stated 3times a day?" so she clarified with the doctor over the small hole that allows doctors and the receptionist nurse to converse. And he said, listen to this. "Oh, its okay take 3 times a day better, stronger, can confirm stop." What the heck! And the another nurse picked up the phone and answered in chinese, " oh today is the young doctor." pause (I guessed the person on line was asking when will the older doctor be available. "The older doctor is on night shift." Its evident that even other patients don't think much about young doctors in this clinic either.

I was totally "devastated" when i saw it was the same young doctor, and guess what he told me. I explained that i am having sore throat and feeling feverish, and told me," okay i will give medicine for the inflame and the medicine to the sore throat. After this, you will get flu and cough, I shall prescribe you medicine for that too." ELLO!!!! Are you God? no other doctors have ever told me I am going to get other illness. You are suppose to cure me of current illness! Young doctor!!! thats what you get. And slammed me with a $56 bill!

Well, don't get me wrong, I dont mind young doctors, as a beau, as a friend, as someone assisting the main doctor in the hospital, but NOT in a clinic, when i feel like dying under the spell of illness! Well, some might say, well we are young once... and there are always time for testing and guinea pigs. Just dont pick me!