Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Do you want to be slim?


My Beauty Dairy with Marie France Bodyline (Part 1) : Interview with The Slim Girl

I know I know... the number 1 question you must be asking is, do I even need this? At first, when I was invited to go for this, I was wondering, sure anot, you want me to try out and blog about their treatment. I thought to myself I am quite slim already. (yes pompous and arrogantly spoken). But lo and behold, when Marie France did the test for me on the machine, I was shocked! Though other parts of my body is low fat or in fact moderate. They could detect I have fats on my tummy!!!! Yes, I can no longer hide it. I used to have supper flat tummy....because I used to dance aggressively

me during a dance competition, years back....

me with my flat tummy and slim face


I started working..... totally slack to the max! It didn't help at all since I am working in an event company and cos I am lazy la. I wish I can confidently wear bikini and swim by the beach . And because I am slim, its even more obvious la! And as my close friends know, I love wearing tight and body hugging clothes (sucking my tummy hard), so its er.... pretty much obvious.

I realized most Singaporean women are generally slim but once we hit a certain age (ahem), we cant deny that work stress, the delicious food in Singapore, eating with boyfriend, feasting with BFFs, gatherings, events, sitting in office all day long causes many of us having this problem - having fats at all the wrong areas.

I kind of stop wearing jeans, cause I would be suffocating when I sit down. And after a meal, I would need to either zip down or lose some buttons. And I love jeans!!!! Its the easiest to match. :(

me (now) with my flabby tummy (hidden smartly) and slightly rounded face

You cant deny when the machine says the truth... 
I was shocked when the consultant could tell I had fats at my tummy, and I purposely wore a loose dress that day. All because the machine could detect it. Damn it.

Anyway, I had to compromise to wearing dresses in all occasions, which is okay but I would love to be able to wear jeans and look like this.....







Damn hot!!!!

I am really excited about it!!! The consultant have shared with me that they would be focusing for me on tummy and toning up my body. That sounds exactly what I need!

Yoohhooo... Flat Tummy here I come!!!

So here we go.......

In my next few posts for my Beauty Dairy with Marie France, I would focus on different aspects of the whole process and hope to share with ladies of all shapes and sizes, with the expertise of professionals, well trained by Marie France.

 So look out for whats coming up!

Check out Marie France Bodyline

Love, Ariel

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