Monday, January 24, 2011

Chinese New Year is coming!

Super excited about Chinese New Year! Nope, not because of Ang Bao or that fact that my relatives would start asking about boyfriends and marriage and stuff. Its because, I get to have REST!!!! I am so busy this whole week and the coming weeks. I am really in need of rest. My visitations to relatives' houses are quite short, given that we have estranged my maternal family clan due to many misunderstandings and unhappiness. Anyway, I am someone who loves to sleep, yes I admit I am a pig. I can rest in front of the TV for the whole day, but after reading an article that people who watches TV for more than 2 hrs a day is more prone to have heart diseases, I ceased watching TV for more than the recommended time. But I still love to laze around. I am so busy that I cant wait for 3 days of rest. Well, and also I get to eat lots of good food!!!!

To get a little feel of Chinese New Year, you've got to visit Chinatown and breathe in the air of new year meaning the smell of ang bao.. and food!!!See I am pig, I just cant resist.

So here we go!

The entrance of Chinatown.

A happy 财神 (God of fortune) to welcome you! With his golden ingot that hmmm looks like a hat to me. A iconic figure during Chinese New Year and days of gambling. Supposedly to bring good luck. But if you are playing mahjong, and all 4 players worships the 财神,won't he be confuse who to bless? Or if only you win, does it mean the  财神  likes you more. Oh well...

And not to forget bright red and shiny gold decors for your house! So the myths and legends we learn from our Hao Gong Ming. That in the olden days, the chinese uses red to scare off the beast called ," Nien" that ate children and their crops. So during Chinese New Year, we would decorate with much redness. Well, I kindof like this legend, and red always represent good luck. I cant imagine if the tradition is to use green or purple or even black, it would really look weird.

So being petite, I managed to squeeze through the crowd and mind you, I went on a weekday evening, and it was already bustling with throngs of people.

Auspicious accessories that you can hang on the new year plants like the Kamquat or the Pussy willow!

I found this store that sells 年糕 (rice cake), its considered good luck to eat nian gao during Chinese New Year,  because "nian gao" is homonym for "higher year." So by eating nian gao, it has the symbolism of raising oneself higher in each coming year (年年高升). Hmm.. I should eat more of this, hahaha.... If only eating this can grow taller. I would stuff myself with it. 

Don't they look delicious!!! I love it when my dad cooks it with egg and fries it. Its totally yummy!!!!! Apparently, this store is quite well-known and was featured many times in the newspaper. Even the interior looks artistic and nostalgic.

Walking past the Chinatown food street with the overpriced and unhealthy fried food. Yes, I dont recommend this place at all. I rather walk the streets and gobble the food tasting that are freely provided, hahaha!

 And of cos, you can cannot forget getting your Bak Kwa from Lim Chee Guan. Which I get to have it free from my Sister's mother-in-law. hehe! Well, of the bak kwa this seems to be most famous and authentic one, so give it a try but you might need to wait for a long time as its at its peak season.  

Looking forward for it in less than 8 Days!!!!

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  1. Lim Chee Guan Singapore's queue is just crazy every year. But not much of a choice. Just have to queue cos they make the best bak kwa in town.