Sunday, November 21, 2010

Avillion Port Dickson Rendevous! PART 1

Finally the trip that my team has waited for the past few months is finally here! Its our very own retreat, to help us to bond better. But wait a min, aren't we very bonded already. We have spent weeks of together to almost 24 hrs during pre-race and lived with each other during race week, sleep, eat, shit together, practically all the bad and good habits we shouldn't know all are known here. Well, we just cant get enough of each other. haha. Despite our job as event planners, we decided to slack and not plan for the trip. We will just decide as we go. We have chosen to go to Port Dickson, Malaysia and chosen the resort villa at Avillion Port Dickson.

I would say if I wasn't suffering from stomach flu and having an uninvited "aunt" coming, I would have enjoyed better. No wonder my left eye had been twitching for at least a few hours. Well, just need to take it in stride and enjoy as much as I can, its what we called dealing with crisis. 

Since its a long weekend, many Singaporeans would travel to KL, we were, practically stuck in the jam at the Causeway for nearly an hr though its just a 15min ride. Well, the only thing we have on this trip is time, so we ain't worried at all. There are many ways to go PD from Singapore.

By Car:
Drive across the Causeway and head up north from Johor Bahru on the North-South Highway towards KL. At the Port Dickson exit, turn right and you're well on your way to Port Dickson.

By Bus: Take a coach from Larkin Bus Terminal in Johor Bahru or from Lavender Street in Kalang Baru towards Seremban (Terminal 1)  From Seremban, hop on another bus that heads directly to Port Dickson or take a cab, which cost about $48 ringgit for us.

By Train: Take from Tanjung Pagar and alight at Seremban and take a bus or cab.

By Flight: Take a flight to KL International Airport and take a taxi direct to Port Dickson. Or ride a bus to Sungai Pelek in Sepang and then grab the local bus that goes to PD.

We took about 3-4  hrs to reach Seremban. and another 20-30mins to our resort. As its Deepvali Holiday, so most of the places are lighted up with lights on the road and singing competitions in the Terminal 1 mall. The town area was truly bustling with people. But the resort is slightly more secluded, which gives it a little more exclusivity.

We ate at this place called Station Kopitiam, which I totally do not recommend. Do not be deceived by the nice interior, we should have gone with our Singaporean instinct, "If there is many people queuing, the food must be good".

Well, actually the fried rice was still alright.                                                                                               But the noodle has a really fishy smell, so no one ate it.                


But being a good sport, my team came up with a motto for the trip, "do not let anything upset us, and lets rest and relak" I am totally for it.

My trip to the resort wasn't exactly wonderful as I was nauseous the whole time, when we arrived at the resort, I was feeling really weak and unable to move. In my heart, I was thinking "shit!" I wonder if I can survive till Mon 12am which was departure time, 3 days away!! While waiting for my friends to check in, I stayed by the couch, and was feeling really terrible, and scrambling for my medicine and I found out I have only 3 pills left!!!  I should have thought of that. The words of my mum flashed back, "you shouldnt go, just pay your friends the forfeited amount." If I dont go, they have to pay even more as it was a cost split among 6. But I thought of the fact that we have planned and thought of it so long, I didn't want to miss it either. Well, forget it, I am already here, thinking of the worst, okay I passed by a hospital just now on the way here, if anything I can just go there and check in to a hospital. Sobbing at the thought of it.. Sigh... just didnt want to think so much. I took 1 pill and went to our room.

I would say the pleasant scenery of the place, kind of  took away my sickness. And, of cos, when one of my travel companion, our dear Damei, also offered to help me take my bag, which I totally appreciate, I felt really much better instantly.

    Right in front of the living room, we were greeted by a cosy bed.

   My humble corner.

As I was ill so my team decided to give me the small bed to myself, I actually prefer sharing but I was afraid my germies would spread too, so I took the option.

    Jacuzzi Bath Tub

    And next to another shower you can see through to the water below. But the water is pretty dirty, so not
    much fishes to be spotted. 

    And of course, we explore the toilet. haha!

Looking out of our balcony, its the beautiful sea.

When we reached the resort, it was already close to night time, so while the rest savour over the delicious KFC crispy chicken, I took a rest in my corner and ate whipped potato and countless slices of bread that dear Kimmy brought. 

As there is nothing much to do, we decide to go for a night swim. There is about 3 different pools. We went to the middle pool which was right in front of the dinning area, but we guess since its in the dark, shouldnt be too exposed. To the pool, we go!

I sat by the poolside to watch over their stuff as well as rested.

It looks like they discussing some serious stuff, but it was actually, I was winking at Pat of a cute guy at corner who was swimming near them so she was passing message to the rest and they were discussing if he was indeed good looking. haha ya some chick flick talk we enjoy. After much deliberation, they decided "not good looking." HAHAHA. okay I admit its quite dark and I am ill so my vision is slightly blurred.

By the time we went back, it was about 10pm, and at our bathtub, some of them enjoyed a self-made jacuzzi.

After a nice bath, we laze around the nice cosy living sofa, and watched TV. As it slowly slip into the night, Jo and Pat suggested playing TABOO! it was a really funny experience. Looking forward to Jo's turn as she always have a funny accent when she plays. lots of "err.  ahhh.. shit, fuck, damn, oh man... huh what the heck is this word.... " Man, we played till around 1am I think. Everyone slip under the warm sheets of blankets and slept. As I peer outside, it was pitch black...NITEZ.....

Saturday Morning arises!!!! 

My Messy Bed

Took a few photos on the way to the dinning area for our breakfast.

The spa villa

At around 10 am, you can visit the pet farm and feed the animals in it.

Introducing Xiao Bai

Yes, yes they are just doing what nature calls them to do.

Even rabbits have the right to cam whore... It looks so lovely.

A cocky cock. Da Mei's "lets go pet a cock!"

The breakfast buffet is quite alright. By the way, if you plan to go there, be warn that flies and mosquitoes are frequent travelers that visits. Do not be alarmed if 20 of them shares table with you. So bring along your mosquito coil and spray.

Okay, I need to prepare for my trip tmr for the Half-day Royal Caribbean Cruise. They have invited 40 bloggers to participate to blog about the trip. I am really excited as I have never been on a cruise. Yoohoo! So will blog more about it.

And they would offer a 5D4N night Isles of Southeast Asia Cruise if you are the TOP 4 Bloggers!!! Can you imagine??!!!

WAIT! the best part is ........

The winner would win a trip of A 7D5N Western Mediterranean Fly-Cruise onboard Liberty of the Seas which worth $4800.
Places such as Ports-of-call: Barcelona, Cannes, Livorno (Florence/Pisa), Civitevecchia.

Looking forward for it tomorrow!